Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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J U L Y  2 0 0 4   S U N   S I G N S

July 2004 Sun Signs

ARIES. You have an incredible amount of stimulation all month long—first one thing and then another. Public challenges are part of it. You are being pushed to take responsibility for where you’re coming from, and to be willing to play the maverick in the world. You can use your warrior energy to fight for justice, and to be a healer. Through this you can establish a new and durable security for yourself.

There is a focus on resources this month, nothing new. But this month your major resources are people. All kinds of relationships and connections will enliven your days. You may have a difficult choice to make at work. Let your best ideals be your guiding light. Family will play a large role in your daily life, and you may solidify some family relationships. Travel can be particularly fulfilling.

Pleasure is your focus now. Fine. But watch out for being carried off into never-never land. Make occasional reality checks. You may feel restless at work, and decide to make some changes. Again, check your reality gauge. Maybe it will be an improvement, and maybe it won’t. Travel could offer you some interesting insights. You may never want to come home!

You develop more self-authority every day, and are able to communicate it as well. This is your year’s new start, and you really get it together now. Your ongoing work on equality and fairness in all of your partnerships gains momentum. Healing is apt to show a variety of faces. There will be a lot of movement in the financial department, some of it unexpected. Travel can be helpful.

What are you doing with all that energy? Having an idyllic love affair? Attacking someone who has betrayed you? You may not be sure yourself. And especially, you may not be sure of partnerships and relationships this month. Keep your ideals front and center, your ethics high, and notice the fine print. You’ll be protected. You make some important re-alignments now—perhaps even in your spine.

You have a lot of good things going for you now, such as your faith in yourself, your optimism, the way you are held in high esteem at work, and excitement in relationships. Even so, something could pop up out of the blue, perhaps at work, to throw you. Perhaps it’s a health problem. Friendships are super important now. You also solidify some of your future aspirations or dreams.

Are you prepared for a month of hard work? At the same time there will be a lot of creativity, satisfaction, and growth. All kinds of promotion are favored. If you can find time, travel would be fun now, and widen your horizons even more than it usually does. Your home situation will have surprises. Inner protection is with you, no matter what external situations are. Associations may undergo transformation.

Success and recognition in the world comes to you—and it is well deserved. You get to show off your acumen in public. At the same time you are subject to attack from the world which can unbalance you. Communication will have problems, but friends can offer you special support this month. You may worry about money, but it will work well for you. Spiritual grounding is the key now.

SAGITTARIUS. Relationships are really hot for you this month. They can be filled with idealism and love, and ever-romantic you loves that. Travel beckons, and you won’t be able to resist going on the road again, or at least planning future trips. Business connections are vital now. You may firm up a new—or old—business partnership. It can be positive and enduring. You grow in many ways.

You find you can’t live without a special partner, and you make it permanent. Or perhaps you make a separation permanent. At the same time, you are very sensitive to all criticism and any perceived unfairness. What’s happening with your finances? They appear to be undergoing major shifts. Daily life may show disruptions, but you may reap benefits from those surprises.

AQUARIUS. It’s time for you to hold the light again. Don’t let us down. Your social role will become apparent this month, and inspiring us to uphold human dignity is the focus. Partnerships can shoot you some zingers, or they can support you in your path. Or perhaps both. You may re-organize your work environment, which probably badly needs it! Creativity is high, and fun.

Just enjoy being yourself. You are a creative person, and your creativity is highlighted. You might solidify a particular path or mode of expressing yourself. You may have too many options in relationships, but nevertheless they will for the most part go very well. Home should be a retreat, a very satisfying nest. Your intuition is absolutely tops now. Use it as a guide for healing yourself.