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July 27
Vesta retrograde

J U L Y  2 0 0 4   R E T R O G R A D E   W A T C H

Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

There is but one turning this month. Vesta, the largest of the asteroids, turns retrograde on July 27. By the end of the month, the three outer planets, plus Chiron, plus two asteroids, will be traveling retrograde. In August we add Mercury to the retrograde parade.

In September, celestial bodies begin to march forward again, and by the end of the year, we have only Saturn traveling retrograde.

Vesta herself travels retrograde for three months. She turns retrograde now at 29 Pisces, and on October 27, she turns direct at 14 Pisces. This is just after the direct turn of Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, and it will lend election time in the U.S. a cloudy, confused air—exactly what we do not need. It could be helpful to Ralph Nader, whose Sun is in Pisces. On the other hand, it will thicken the Neptunian fog which already blankets the U.S.

Vesta was the Goddess of the Hearth. She was totally dedicated to taking care of the ever-burning fire, which was the center of the household around which everyone gathered. Her focus is single-minded. She represents exactly this—dedication to the central light, and protection of the security of the household. In a chart she shows where we can hold a steady focus, what draws our attention, and what is worth protecting. She refers to vocation, avocation, and to those things which are central to our security, including money ("investments"). My own Vesta is in Aquarius, and I can center best on the Aquarian study of astrology. It totally grabbed me the moment I was introduced to it—like a bright light.

While Vesta is in Pisces, transpersonal, widespread, and universal issues become important. There is a focus on the arts—e.g. Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 film, and the many books, dramas, and poems about world conditions now being produced, as well as graphic arts and music. Archetypes and drama are supported by Pisces. For instance, Robert Graves, who wrote so prodigiously and movingly about the gods and goddesses had Vesta in Pisces. Hospitals, prisons, and suffering are Piscean. So is martyrdom. And compassion. Terror, too, can be fueled by Pisces. And religious fanaticism.

Pisces has been Vesta’s abode since mid-April. This was a huge turning point in the U.S. occupation of Iraq. The U.S. greatly stepped up its bombing of Iraq, including using huge uranium-tipped missiles. (Uranus is now also in Pisces.) At a rare press conference Bush said that he would "unleash the military," and also that he had made "no mistakes" during his time in office. The Iraqi resistance increased then. This was also when the photos of torture at Abu Ghraib prison were first shown to the U.S. public.

A great deal of other violence occurred, and suffering has been widespread throughout the world, as Vesta put the spotlight on Piscean affairs.

Now we reap the consequences of Vesta’s dedication to creating suffering. With Vesta retrograde, we can work at solving these problem-conditions instead of creating them. Pisces means that they are widespread, so we need community effort. Mid-September, as Vesta squares Pluto, we will have a special chance to make some positive transformations.

In the meantime, Vesta traveling through Pisces is squaring many of John Kerry’s planets. Let us see how he uses that focused Piscean energy. October will be especially challenging for him.

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