Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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J U N E   2 0 0 4   S U N   S I G N S

May 2004 Sun Signs

ARIES. What’s happening for you at work, Aries? Are you trying to resolve a long-standing difficult situation with your boss (who might be yourself)? Are you involved in a remodeling project at home? Your foundations and your goals in the world are undergoing vast re-organization now. Also, what are you saying, and who’s listening? Communication is a major focus this month.

Money keeps coming up as an issue for you. Yes, you will always be taken care of, so drop that worry. One of your aids will be your re-evaluation work this month. You make priority decisions—what to keep, what to discard, how to spend your money, what has top value for you. Best to tend to your own business now. Communication with others may have pitfalls.

Indeed, Venus has a long sojourn in your sign, giving you a special opportunity to feel good about yourself, to understand what you really want (at least at the moment), and to focus on what’s important to you. It’s a good time to give yourself a personal fix-up and rejuvenation, maybe create a new wardrobe. Physical exercise is also important, but be careful about overdoing or accidents.

This may be a difficult month for you, Cancer, especially in regard to partnerships. Others’ behavior seems unpredictable, and you may find yourself striking out defensively—but perhaps not effectively. It’s hard for sensitive, emotional you, but try to remain objective. Pause and take time out from immediate situations, so that you can get some distance from them.

LEO. Who are you mothering? Who is mothering you? The key is to nourish yourself, to figure out your emotional needs and to satisfy them. Friends, too, will provide special nourishment this month. You are a creative soul, and creating will be especially pleasurable this month. It will be well received. In fact, you may find a new role in larger groups.

Virgo, don’t overdo. Yes, you want to do what people ask of you, but there is only one you. Take care of that one. Work will be exceedingly demanding. You’ll make lots of connections and relate to lots of people. That, plus your own high expectations of yourself, can wear you out. Partnership is exciting and stimulating.

This is a month of hard work, and at the same time breakthroughs on the home front. Communication with the world is your big focus this month. You may be very busy on the Web acquiring reams—or screens—of information. You probably feel restless, and it would be a good time for travel. You could be involved with speaking, teaching, or the law. You increase your understanding.

Intimate partnerships, business partnerships, and the sharing of joint resources are activated this month. This is home territory for you, but now you’re getting more information and feedback, and your awareness is heightened. Lots of money can be involved now, either coming or going. You may have struggles with siblings or relatives. Old issues of abuse may come up now.

SAGITTARIUS. Notice your dictatorial tendencies. Others will, and they will give you a comeuppance. You’ll learn a lot about give and take this month. Partnership in general will be highlighted, and you can create a sounder foundation for relating now. Listen to the feedback. Make corrections, instead of expecting your partner to be the one to change. Nobody really likes being a doormat.

What a difficult season this is for you, Capricorn. You plan, control, and build so soundly, and now some of the underpinnings of your approach are being knocked for a loop. No use denying or prevaricating. You simply can’t control everything, and some of your structures were not so sound as you thought. Look at that. Notice what is happening to them. Deal with reality.

You do your thing, and money keeps rolling in. The extent of your creativity is off the books now. You are re-organizing your life to deal with the overload. Don’t forget that taking care of your health is basic, and this is a good time to establish health routines. Friends in high places can be helpful now. A mother figure may be important this month.

You’ve been enjoying a new freedom these last few months, Pisces. Now it’s time to look at the deeper meaning of freedom, and how you want to use it in a way which is both responsible to others, and nourishing to yourself. Partnership goes well. Work and home are your focal points now. It’s a great time to redecorate or to re-organize your home.