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by Maya del Mar

Yes! a journal of positive futures. Published quarterly by the Positive Futures Network in Bainbridge Island, WA. Subscribe online at or call 1-800-937-4451.

The Positive Futures Network is an independent, nonprofit organization that supports people’s active engagement in creating a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world.

I have reviewed and talked about this magazine in earlier issues. I'm talking about it again now because it is very valuable, for it shines a light into the darkness of these times. It tells us what people are actually doing to create a better world, and is an excellent antidote to much of the social cruelty now occurring.

Each issue features a theme, and carries a great variety of relevant articles. The articles tend to be deep rather than the common superficial gloss, and they illustrate real, grounded, and replicable situations around that issue’s theme.

The current issue for Summer 2004 features "What Is the Good Life?" The articles are excellent, and I would like to quote every one. Instead, here is a partial table of contents:

"The Secret to Happiness" by David Myers. Americans are more affluent than ever—but no happier. What do research data tell us about joy and contentment?

"Street-Corner Revolution" by Stephen Silha. Portlanders are taking over their streets and teaching city officials to love "city repair."

"Cheese, Bread, and Thou" by the Cheese Board Collective. A small cheese shop in Berkeley has become a community hub and a thriving model of worker ownership.

"Little Cash, Lots of Riches" by David Reynolds. In the midst of an otherwise impoverished region, the people of Kerala, India, are flourishing. What’s their secret?

"Students Break Out" by six joint authors. Spring breaks take students on high-elevation cleanups and to wildlife rehabilitation centers.

"The Lost Art of Dropping By" by Patricia Gonzales. Reclaiming the front porch and taking time for friends.

"10 Ways You Can Change U.S. History" by Frances Korten.

There is much, much more useful and interesting material in this magazine. For a lift to your morale, subscribe.