Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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M A Y   2 0 0 4   S U N   S I G N S

May 2004 Sun Signs

ARIES. You’ve got a lot to figure out this month, Aries, and the thought power to do it. Issues going on at home? Changes in career? Much energy in partnership, and likely a big change there. Where do you start? This may be a difficult month for you, but at least you’ll learn exactly where you stand on a lot of things. Remember to be diplomatic to the boss—if you have one.

Your financial situation is a focus this month, Taurus. Money comes and goes, and you may attempt to pull in your belt. There may be loss, perhaps in those very money terms. Your commitment to your ideals is growing, but this month it may be tested. Can you continue to support your beliefs? You may have problems with communication, perhaps because you’re too defensive, and even pushy. Are arguments proliferating for you?

You are naturally an agile dancer with life, but this month the music confuses even you. Not to fear. Venus, the Love lady, is retrograde in your sign, and you need to pause and do some constructive thinking about what you really want. Others may come at you with power trips, and you might feel pushed around. More food for thought. Caring for your resources is major this month.

Your mothering role, your health, your work, your ability to take the initiative, your creativity, your ideals, and healing abuse in partnership are all up for you now. Busy person! You start the month doing a lot of thinking about all of these things. Don’t run yourself ragged. Remember that you are only one person. New information fuels major changes in both money and values.

Leo, you are the focal point of some very deep changes going on around you. As a result, you develop a new outlook on your life goals. Things or people may emerge from your past which hurt you now. Your own sense of self-value, and your desire to serve, can protect you. Travel could be particularly illuminating this month. Remember that relationships now may not be what they seem.

Where are you flying off to this month? This is a great travel month for you. It’s time that you promote yourself, perhaps for some time-honored accomplishment. Honored, at least, by you, for you are feeling quite good about yourself, and able to envision good things for your future. Work may be holding some pitfalls, or you may just be re-evaluating your whole stance towards it.

Money may be coming your way, Libra, perhaps in a surprising manner or perhaps through your own creativity. Expect to work hard, and to do a lot of communicating about work. And about home as well. Action this month moves along very quickly for you, although there may be bumps here and there. Information is your game this month. Perhaps travel is part of broadening your horizons.

SCORPIO. What personal qualities or relationship patterns do you want to transform, Scorpio? A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on May 4 will help make space for those changes. You are very busy interacting with others this month. Women are high in your consciousness, and perhaps you are fighting for women’s interests. You do go through joint financial changes. Does a partner disappoint you?

SAGITTARIUS. Are you finding partnership a bit problematical this month? Venus retrograde in your solar seventh house asks you to turn within and re-evaluate what partnership means to you. Work should be picking up, and go very well. New things are happening at home, and you may be putting more value on compassion and empathy with your family. A strange business partnership may blow up.

CAPRICORN. Why is your partner needing to care for you? Are you appreciative of this nurturing? Or are you finding yourself involved in endless arguments? Is your health OK? Do take care of it. You’re re-aligning situations in your life, including your physical state and your work environment. Your creativity flowers this month, and you should be having some fun. Travel would be perfect for you.

AQUARIUS. You form new foundations this month, Aquarius—solid ones, and different from the past. Your old goals are changing. You just need to go with the flow. Work occupies a lot of your time. You’re re-evaluating relationships with children and lovers, as well as your mode of communicating through creative endeavors. Your money flow is good, perhaps surprisingly so.

PISCES. Do you feel a divine restlessness this month? It comes from an inner feeling that you must express your individuality. You do find satisfaction and help with partners, and you work very hard on your creativity. You do some hard thinking about security, and the meaning of home to you. Your money situation makes a shift, and you begin a new cycle of how you value your resources.