Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


May 1-2
Chiron retrograde

May 3
Jupiter direct

May 12
Transpluto direct

May 17
Venus, Juno and Neptune retrograde

M A Y  2 0 0 4   R E T R O G R A D E   W A T C H

Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

There are many planetary stations this month, six in all. Jupiter and Transpluto turn direct, and Venus, Juno, Chiron, and Neptune turn retrograde. Each change is an energy shift, and each energy shift is accompanied by instability. Taurus is a very stable sign, and does not shift energy without some resistance. We will probably feel lurching shifts rather than graceful or subtle changes. Taurus is also an earth sign, and earth changes are possible this month, particularly around May 17. Both planetary stations and eclipses often trigger earth changes, and we have both now.

Chiron leads the parade by turning retrograde on May 1-2. Chiron is now in Capricorn, another earth sign, and conjoined Juno, who is often associated with earth changes and violent weather. Chiron, too, is involved in sudden change and then re-alignment. Listen to the earth today. (Listen to the earth every day!)

Chiron is also a healer. He heals by impelling people into new dimensions, where they have to draw on new parts of themselves. He is also associated with technology and space. In Capricorn, Chiron is creating conditions for institutional change. We certainly see it happening, bigtime in the U.S., and all over the world. Iraq is a case in point. Chiron now conjoins Juno, which indicates chaos in partnerships, and involvement in abusive situations. It opposes GW’s natal Saturn, who is his Great Teacher, aiming its re-alignment drive towards GW’s authority. However, Saturn is rigid and resists Chiron’s efforts to heal. In Capricorn, Chiron also wants to hang onto the traditional and known. So we do have conflict here. Change is necessary but unwanted.

However, Chiron is ultimately a healer. Retrograde, it will be healing on inner levels. It will focus on structures, foundations, traditional institutions, government, and commerce. Because of the Saturnian rigidity, Chiron in Capricorn is not an easy process. It pushes us towards a new security, but what is security but the tried and true? For the next five months, we will be slowly making our personal re-alignments. Old securities may disappear now and force us into new molds. By September 26, we can agree socially on some new institutional forms—just in time to express them at the November election.

Jupiter, King of the Gods, turns direct on May 3 in the service sign of Virgo—another earth sign. Jupiter is essentially about our philosophy and our beliefs. It includes all higher mind activities, where we try to speak out and promote truth and understanding. Politics, for example, is Jupiterian.

During the retrograde months, we had a chance to go inward and develop our personal philosophies, less influenced by prevailing beliefs. Now we come out and join others of like mind to spread the word. Activism and politics will blossom with new vigor. Jupiter will be traveling direct for the remainder of 2004.

Transpluto turns direct on May 12, although it moves so slowly that it’s hard to pinpoint one day as the turn day. Transpluto is about resurrection of the body and soul. It connects with the deep earth on one hand, the deepest emotions on another, and it has a profound spiritual connection. When it is traveling retrograde, we go deeply into our personal selves. When Transpluto turns direct, there is a new opportunity for a social rebirth. Transpluto is now in late Leo, the sign of command centers. It will be stimulated this month by Taurus planets, most notably the Taurus New Moon on May 18-19.

Transpluto acts intensely. Since 1974 it has been turning direct in May and retrograde in November (until 2021). This may be another reason why November and May are always such intense months, with important happenings.

The three other planets turning retrograde are Venus, Juno, and Neptune, all on May 17. With all retrogrades, we are re-discovering the treasures in our inner selves, some of which have not been polished for a long time. Our motivation and our abilities to push ourselves into the social world around us are diminished. Thus we see relevant activities in the world and in our lives moving more slowly or apparently coming to a standstill.

However, Mercury will keep us communicating and moving this summer, giving us information to feed these inner-oriented energies. Retrogrades make us aware of the past, our past, and usually this comes through old, familiar people or situations coming to our attention. For instance, family gatherings this summer will be rich in associations, and can bring up Venus, our values, Juno, our abuse issues, and Neptune, our spiritual approach and our denials. In fact, seeking those people from our past is a wonderful learning tool now. Uncomfortable things may come up, but conscious awareness means everything, for then we can use and work with our old patterns.

Venus is the most personal of these retrograde planets. She refers to our loves, desires, and values. Venus is magnetic. She attracts to us what we want. If there is a discrepancy between what you think you want and what you’re getting, inner work is necessary. Sometimes it is simply recognizing the difference between what you think you want, and what you do want as shown by what you get. Once you see such a reality, you have options to work with it. A retrograde Venus period, which lasts about six weeks, is the time to develop more clarity about what YOU want, not what you were conditioned to want, or what other people want, or what others want for you.

This is an excellent period to work deeply with affirmations, probably changing them as new realizations about your inner dynamics arise. Interpersonal relations may not go smoothly during this time, but every disruption can be a piece of information which can help you to discover yourself. Venus retrograde can be a very rich and productive period in regard to inner exploration. Venus repeats her cycle very closely every eight years, and our same issues may continue from one eight-year period to another. Look back eight years for more illumination about this time.

Read the daily entry for May 17 for further information about these retrograde turns.

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