Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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A P R I L   2 0 0 4   S U N   S I G N S

April 2004 Sun Signs

ARIES. This is your month, and you have several chances to get it right. Do your usual catalyzing of events, but the key now is to pay attention to the results. Don’t just continue to follow your distant vision regardless of consequences. April is your golden opportunity to improve and re-align your modus operandi. In May you can start off on a more effective pathway. Communication serves you well.

April favors self-examination for you. You can access the deep, dark places within yourself, and learn a lot about who you are, including your powers of attraction.. Spiritual growth, and contacting your higher self, will also be easy for you this month. Your mind will be very busy, and you can use your intelligence as a resource. Working towards high ideals is very important during these weeks.

This month may be a bit slow for most of us, but Gemini, things are never slow for you. Creative communication is your forte anyway, but this month you are an outstanding communicator. Your communication could include an old flame returning to your life. Friends are an issue now. You’re evaluating your friendships, old and new, and you’ll make some changes in May.

The whole area of partnerships is a mixed bag for you now. It’s a combination of old family patterns and new breakthroughs. Use those relationships as mirrors, and much can become clear. You are working towards health and healing in relationships, and can make much progress this month. You’re also re-evaluating life goals, and career. Your rock, your security, is your partner at home.

Your inner confidence makes you fairly assertive about promoting yourself. This month you make a new start in how you project yourself and your creations. You will encounter obstacles which will encourage you to change course. Your beliefs, too, will be revised. Despite the Mercury retrograde, lots of money, things, and/or ideas will be passing through your hands and head. Friends are instrumental. Watch your health.

This is a year of changes in both home and work. This month the changes will be creative and beneficial. The manner in which you work with, and are rewarded by, others will undergo transformation now. You can have a new understanding of appropriate give-and-take. You may be solidifying a special friendship, perhaps with an independent family member. Travel could be very productive.

Your big thing, relationships, is front and center for you now. You’re always concerned about the other person, but this is the month you learn to change your focus to your own needs, and to express them. Full Moon on April 5 will be a time of special illumination. Fortunately, your usual creative communication is much enhanced by this month’s airy energies. Talk, write, put yourself out there.

You’re getting some very practical advice this month. Do listen. Your expertise in working with others’ resources really shines now, perhaps in a corporate or group setting. It’s time to transform your immediate working environment so that ease of communication is enhanced. Nurturing others is favored, as well as working with your own health and healing. A busy month!

Partnership is very important this month. It ties into all areas of your life, including love and work. Opportunities which show themselves now should open up for you in May. Purpose is changing for you. You can pull back from your creation of yourself as a solitary swashbuckling adventurer, and add the energies of partnership, perhaps in the persona of someone from your past.

Some very strange things are afoot with you, Capricorn. Home, foundations, partner, and security are the areas involved. You’ll get a wake-up call in April. Pay attention to it. However, it will be mid-November before these breakthroughs culminate. Keep close tabs on your life, especially this month. Also, be kind to yourself, and take good care of yourself. This can be a very productive month.

You always do a lot of thinking, but this month it’s intensified. Insights are deepening, and attitudes are changing. Perhaps travel aids the process. Your days are busy, and are apt to include connections with people from the past. Your drive to communicate is very strong, and you might keep a journal or write. A financial, or health, problem can be resolved by the end of the month.

You are revising your entire financial situation in accordance with new goals. One-to-one relationships are very stimulating, and they bring you good fortune. A relationship with a child may require extra responsibility. You make a breakthrough in your ease within a group. This may be connected with old family patterns. Friends are especially important, but may at times be difficult.