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Trust Your Inner Guidance

by Maya del Mar

April is Aries month, the month when we focus on initiating new projects. "A" is the first letter of the alphabet, the alpha, and this is the "A" month. We establish beachheads now, but it is in the coming Taurus time that we will secure them. So be adventurous and set new things in motion. Some have a future, some don’t, but it is up to time to weed out the irrelevant. Right now we don’t really know what will hold up in the future. Just let your heart lead, and plunge into life. Aries is the pioneer sign, who sees obstacles as challenges to move through.

Sun traveling in Aries until April 20, and Mercury traveling through Aries after the 20th will help us to move ahead. Mercury, however, is retrograde for nearly all of the month, from April 6-30. This means we will be.... read more! Become a Daykeeper subscriber.

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