Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 4   S U N   S I G N S

February 2004 Sun Signs

ARIES. No matter how much skill you put into promoting yourself, there is likely to be a twist and turn in the outcome. Best to just do your best, and drop expectations. Even though you’re not a groupie, your focus on ideals can best be played out in a congenial group. Within such a group, you may find a new role for yourself. Money is apt to go fast; pay attention to your priorities.

You are energized this month, and you can accomplish wonders. Your work situation may be moving into some new and strange places. You are adding a new creative dimension to it, and this will grow over the next few years. Full Moon can be a high time. You may find your attention is on distant horizons and possibilities, and you are fed up with daily routine (which is normally Taurus’ oatmeal).

GEMINI. Money is a juggling act now. You have to watch not only how you spend it, but you have to check others’ priorities as well, for they can hurt or help you. You are fortunate to have a solid home base now, for new and unusual goals are attracting you, and risks may lie ahead. Talk things over with friends; they can give you excellent advice. Communication, as usual, is your forte.

CANCER. You continue to feel the pressure on you, and to work hard. Health issues may flare up, and it is important that you take care of yourself. Partnership may have some problems, especially around Valentine’s Day. Fairness is apt to be the issue. New business partnerships are possible, especially in the arts. You are working towards your ideals, and you make some good progress before the month is over.

Your partnership adventures continue, but now they’re becoming a little more down-to-earth and productive. Your inspiration and ideals are enlivened through shared conversation. On the other hand, people are drawn to you for inspiration. Relationships are a busy, busy arena this month. You will meet interesting and independent people. Career also goes well. And this is a good month for travel.

Your healing work progresses well now, Virgo, both personal and professional. You’re making some major changes in your work environment. You’re also in transition in regard to relationships, ending one phase and beginning a new one. Love is in your life. Joint resources, sharing with someone, sees lots of action now. Money may come and go. In general, it’s a re-alignment month for you.

LIBRA. Home is a busy place now. There is work, there is healing, there is lots of communication, and there is a need to create egalitarian relationships. Romance can get a new start now, and there is love and wisdom in partnership. You may be ready to remodel your work situation to be ready for Saturn’s direct turning in March. Unseen help is with you, and you can tap into it for creative expression.

SCORPIO. This Full Moon is a zinger for you, Scorpio. It may shift your foundations closer to your dreams and hopes. Surrender is the key for you. Money comes in through your work, and a partner may help you pull it in. Your days are ambitious, busy, and significant. They also bring you surprises, perhaps in facing authority. This is a super-creative month for you; let your spontaneity fly.

You seem to have a magic touch with making the best of your personal power this month. Taking risks will pay off. You are an inspirational person, and during this month you are in peak form. People will listen to you. You create a new security base for yourself by following your highest instincts. This is success time for you. But do watch out for burnout.

What a busy one you are these days, Capricorn. A change at home may throw you off your stride. Are you doing some remodeling? Much of this month is about working with money and priorities, and you can be very creative about it. However, you may find yourself pushed into surrender mode, despite your desires. This could be a great month to travel.

This is your month to shine, Aquarius, and you have good support to speak your truth. Ideals are your strength. The Full Moon of February 6 can be a time of fulfillment for you. Celebrate it. Financial situations can work well for you. You are stirring up your foundations, and this will make changes in your feelings about yourself. Your days are busy and pleasant, with harmonious relations. Watch your health.

PISCES. You may just surprise a lot of people this month, Pisces. It’s renovation time for you. Deep inside your psyche has been changing, and now the world gets to see the results. You will be busy doing a lot of practical work. Odd things may happen with money, but your finances will work out in the long run. Your creative output runs into obstacles this month. Perhaps it’s best not to push it.