Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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J A N U A R Y   2 0 0 4   S U N   S I G N S

December Sun SIgns

ARIES. With Mars, your ruling planet, finally in Aries, your abundant energy has been unleashed. You devote much of it to furthering your goals and your career, and your strategy is excellent. You are unstoppable. You also turn to home, and take on extra responsibilities there, perhaps even buying or selling a home. This may be a sudden decision. Watch your health. Don’t push yourself to excess.

Your family relationships are undergoing much change. You will discover new things about yourself through them, and come to a broader understanding of life. You’ll find yourself teaching this month, although perhaps not formally. You can help others apply spiritual wisdom to the practicalities of living. Travel may call you, most likely for a useful purpose. Let your light shine.

There is apt to be conflict with others over money issues. Friends can help you or hurt you. Partnerships will be very active, and again, you may experience support or betrayal. Honesty on your part will be your biggest asset. You have going a home project which may suddenly come to a standstill, or take a different direction. However, it will ultimately be successful. Pay attention.

CANCER. A situation with your partner or your business may come to a head. Watch out for rash action. Saturn in your sign demands attention and caution. Taking care of your health is vital this month. Relationship strain may adversely affect you. Burnout is also likely; there is so much you want to accomplish. You will be spreading the word, perhaps through the Internet, and teaching.

Venus In your seventh house brings loving relationships. Travel or promotion stir you, and give you new ideas about arranging your life. You may totally revamp your work environment. You have many unusual encounters, and some of those connections may help you in your goals. You may have a temporary money setback early in the month, but basically money works well.

Lots of Capricorn this month gives you good support in whatever you want to do. January gives you a special opportunity to ground yourself, to set something solid into manifestation. You also have Jupiter, the benefic, in your sign bringing you luck. Part of your blooming self-expressiveness now is release of a relationship or of assets. This will be highlighted at midmonth.

You have new starts in both home and work. Likely a partner is involved. Are you opening to a new and different career? Perhaps one related to the healing arts, or nurturing in some fashion. About midmonth a pleasurable surprise may relate to new career opportunities. You have excellent inner protection this month, and everything will work out. Others are important.

SCORPIO. Take advantage of good relationship energy to solve outstanding problems. Communication is your forte this month. You may be upgrading your computer, video, or telephone system. Energy goes to improving working conditions for yourself. You may also start an exercise program. This is an excellent problem-solving month for you. Your creativity focuses on home.

Relationship problems may plague you this month. Notice how and what you communicate—not only to others, but to yourself as well. Aim for deeper truths. Hard work will keep the money coming in. Along with elbow grease. your talent for business strategy is excellent now, and business will be successful. Music or art may be coming into your home in a new way.

You are going through some major changes, in both health and in personality. Partnerships of all kinds are vital in your life. The home front is very active. Are you moving? Or remodeling? Travel or connecting with distant places can be very productive this month. Surprise windfalls may grace your pocketbook. Midmonth will bring a dilemma. Is your career worth your health?

AQUARIUS. You both feel attractive, and you do things to spruce up your image this month. You’re preparing to look more professional. You also want your work environment to be more professional, and you work on that now. Your new solar cycle is approaching, and you are preparing for it. At your birthday you begin a fresh year. Communication can be lucrative for you. You’re moving into a good money phase.

PISCES. You feel restless yearnings within you, and the stirring of a new creative muse. Partnership itself will be a creative endeavor, as well as enhancing your resources. Your long-range goals are much on your mind, and you begin a cycle of consciously working to manifest them. Your money situation will be very active—going out as fast as it comes in. Nurturing will be important.