Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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D E C E M B E R   2 0 0 3   S U N   S I G N S

December Sun SIgns

ARIES. You’ve been planning well these last few months, Aries. By mid-month you have the assertive power to begin putting those plans into action. They may well have to do with teaching—certainly with trying to get something across to others. Things work more and more in your favor as the month wears on. Just be careful, at the end of the month, not to get carried away with your successes.

Your month starts intensely, and continues to heat up. Work is all-important this month, and it goes very well despite Mercury retrograde. You are more at home with Mercury in Capricorn opposed Saturn than are many, for you can cooperate with Mercury, and use productively the limitations which he is placing on us now. You can excel at communication, publishing, and teaching now.

Your eye is on other people, particularly your partner, who may be going through some big changes. This is a month of slow inner change for you, particularly after Mercury turns retrograde on December 17. People and situations from your past will come into your life for the rest of the month, and you have a chance to solve old problems, and turn "mistakes" into opportunities.

You do have to work hard this month, perhaps correcting old conditions. Your workplace continues to be a in a state of chaos. Can you resolve something there this month? New Moon is a new start in partnership for you. Your partner is apt to be more focused on business than before, which could be very helpful to you. You have a new energy in pursuing your career.

Your creative output, as well as your work, really blossom this month. You are apt to start new health and beauty routines as well. You will be busy. Despite the Mercury retrograde, you will want to promote yourself. Best to restrict yourself to planning now, and after January 6 be ready to announce your worth to the world. A financial windfall may gladden your heart. Partnership can bring love.

Full Moon on the eighth brings you a special clarity about who you are, and where you’re going. This is a healing month for you. One of the things that is shifting are your ideals, especially in regard to security and family. You may, in fact, uproot yourself, a change which will serve you well. Look for loving relationships and appreciation at work.

LIBRA. You’re being pulled in many different directions, Libra. Partners have the most insistent tug on your energies. You may begin something new with a partner, but perhaps under pressure. Days will be super busy, often with totally unexpected things and people. You set some new security foundations this month, and they will begin to blossom in January and February. In the meantime, work is slow.

You’re good at working with others, but this month you have a special talent for it. As seems to be the case these days, you continue to be busy with money as well. Communication is a special focus, and you may devote yourself to putting together a project paper or a proposal. You can be very creative with this. Home will be especially pleasant over the holidays.

SAGITTARIUS. Transformation continues to be your middle name, Sagittarius. Can you recognize yourself from five years ago? You’ve also been working on getting your financial world in order. This month you will have some unexpected money changes, and some slowdowns in that department, but at the same time you have special opportunity to get it together. This is your focus for the year.

CAPRICORN. It is your job, Capricorn, to ring in the new year. A big and responsible job! But you are up to it, especially this year. The Solstice-New Moon powergate infuses you with personal power, and a feeling of being reborn. However, with Mercury retrograde in your sign, you will have to go back and take care of a lot of things. The first half of your solar month will be difficult, but the last half will move well.

AQUARIUS. Your activity will be inner rather than outer. You will be nostalgic, and dear ones from the past, perhaps in spirit form, may show up in your life. Your dreams may be vivid and telling; pay attention to them. This would be a great month for journaling, or at least writing. Christmas will be especially loving. You are undergoing a revamping of your unconscious orientation to life.

You shift from a long focus on yourself to a focus on your assets. Your creative endeavors may be temporarily put on hold. Money comes and goes, and you use strategy to juggle it to your advantage. At the end of the month you might spend a lot to fulfill a long-cherished dream. Again, your work situation is transformed. A partner is likely to be involved in the process.