Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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N O V E M B E R   2 0 0 3   S U N   S I G N S

September Sun SIgns

ARIES. You’re still moving ahead with your projects, Aries. But now they’re slowing down. This is a great month for promotion and travel, not so good for a smooth home life. A glib talker, perhaps even a friend, could get you involved in a dubious deal. Don’t believe all you hear, and read the fine print on all contracts. Travel could be lucrative for you. Otherwise business deals are doubtful.

All your relationships are up for re-evaluation now. By the end of the month you’ll be looking at both yourself and others with new perspective. There is a lot of vitality in business and financial deals, e.g., if you’re a real estate agent, business will be good. On the one hand, communication may be slow, but on the other hand you’ll be able to achieve some practical accomplishments.

GEMINI. You’re going to be very busy with people—even more so than usual. A great assortment of types of people will be part of your life this month, but they’ll have one thing in common: they will be talkers. Be prepared to spend a lot of time discussing the affairs of the world, the bigger questions of life, and issues which make you think. Your working environment will be transformed.

CANCER. Don’t let your renewed sense of responsibility become your own tyrant. Things are apt to be moving slowly this month. It’s just Saturn giving you some time to regroup. Focus on your own creativity, particularly in connection to work. You may find your daily routine going through a change. It could be related to travel or to projecting your art into the public realm. You can promote yourself well this month.

The weird relationships never stop, do they? There are a variety of people in your life this month, and they are stimulating. However, watch out for deception. This month you’re changing your basic approach to life—where you’re coming from, and where you’re going. Financial affairs will keep you busy. You will have plenty of money, but at the same time there is a big outgo. Perhaps you’re getting a loan—again, watch the fine print.

VIRGO. Relationships take center stage for you, particularly work relationships. You feel good about yourself, and as though you can handle whatever comes along. If you have a court case going, it will move into a new phase. If you have a manuscript waiting to go the publisher’s, send it now. It is time for you to focus on how you expand into the world. There is also lots of action going on at home.

Self-improvement is your key this month. You will receive lots of inner guidance now; listen to your intuition. This is an excellent healing month for you. At the same time, you will be super busy, but not just with work. Your days will contain plenty of fun and adventure. A partner might give you some good direction. Money is apt to make a big change, perhaps a big windfall, or settlement, is in the works.

SCORPIO. A relationship or partnership may come to an end now, Scorpio. However, it will bring you some assets. You will count your blessings. In fact, you may spend much time managing assets this month. Friends can give you some good help. A child could require special attention. Your promotional work will come to a standstill now. In fact, this is not the time for you to travel.

SAGITTARIUS. You just keep going strong, Sag. In fact, something, perhaps out of the blue, makes a turnaround this month which helps smooth your path. Work, in particular, goes exceedingly well. However, your financial dealings with others may be at somewhat of a standstill now. Your expenses continue going out, but they may not be coming in sufficiently to compensate. Your challenge is to learn to balance income and outgo.

Do your daily changes surprise you, Capricorn? At least now the pressure from others is diminishing. Communication takes on a very important role for you this month. It is likely to be quite defensive. It may also expose a subconscious you never knew you had. Your practical creativity is undergoing a transformation. And, a surprise is apt to upset your financial picture.

AQUARIUS. Your grounding makes a big change this month. You, too, will be seeing many people, and they will be friends and people who are dear in your life. There is a lot of energy between you, and the connections give you great pleasure. A surprise comes into your life, which may change your goals in the world. Work may be at a bit of standstill.

Personal energy drives you this month, and it is positively reciprocated by people whom you contact. It’s a good time to ask for favors. How you understand yourself and the world is going through changes. Personal creativity may slow down, but group energy moves right along. You may find yourself achieving a unique role in groups. Work is super active.