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Maya's Book Corner - Astrology Favorites
by Maya del Mar

The Secret Language of Relationships by Gary Goldschneider and Joose Elffers, Penguin, New York, 1997. Hardback $34.95.

These are the authors who brought us The Secret Language of Birthdays, which I reviewed last time. Both books are incredibly astute, and absolutely filled with information about various birth dates, and categories of birth dates, based primarily on astrology. They are very easy to use, because all the information necessary is the birthday.

The bulk of this book consists of combinations of birthdays in relationship. The authors divide birthdays into 48 yearly periods, and characterize each period with a profile. Then they combine each period with every other one, so that there are 144 combinations. There is a table with the combinations of these periods, which indicates the page upon which to find the combination in question.

For instance, GW Bush is born on July 6, and Laura Bush on November 4. This combination is on page 512, so we turn there and find that George is the Week of the Unconventional and Laura is the Week of Depth. The relationship is characterized as "Getting Lost." We read that its strengths are compelling, magical, mysterious, and its weaknesses are dissolving, overdependent, lost. It works best in a love relationship. An example is Eunice Kennedy (JFK’s sister) and Sargent Shriver (Peace Corps director).

There is then a paragraph describing the relationship. To summarize: It is very magnetic and compelling, but the partners tend to lose their individual identities. This is a very binding relationship. Its enigmatic nature is never fully exhausted, and daily interaction is dotted with magical moments.

GW’s relationship with his father, born on June 24, is characterized as "Sharing and Trust." This is best for friendship. It is the same combination as Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.

There is more, however. There are lengthy descriptions of each decanate’s personality, famous examples with short biographies, and then a relationship guide for that week, giving the best relationships for various purposes, and a page locator for all relationships.

Almost anyone could have endless hours of enjoyment with this book. It would make a great Christmas gift for anyone interested in people.