Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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O C T O B E R   2 0 0 3   S U N   S I G N S

September Sun SIgns

ARIES. Life will be very challenging for you this month, Aries—just the way you like it. Your favorite planet, Mars, has just turned direct, and is stirring up the Pisces soup. This means that you can make waves—and you will probably make them where they are least expected. This is the month for you to ask for guidance from the other side. Perhaps it will come through dreams, through a mentor, through a spiritual practice, or through something you see or read.

It’s all about relationships for you, Taurus. On the one hand, you will find security in connecting with others, and on the other hand, you may also run into abusive situations. Your work this month is to rebalance your daily environment, especially at work. You can get a fresh start in health routines. You’re active on all kinds of self-improvement fronts. Communication, studies, and education demand a responsible and disciplined approach.

Now is the time to start the ball rolling on career or job changes. You can free yourself from something that has been holding you back. On the other side, you have a lot of action on the home front, perhaps dealing with some kind of expansion. You make a new start in the creative side of your life, perhaps a new romance, perhaps working with children, perhaps in your specialty, communication. Your work environment needs special attention.

CANCER. You have the opportunity to re-align your life heavy-duty, Cancer. You want to use planning and strategy to make it predictable and secure. But life keeps throwing you curves, and your challenge is to maintain your authority in the midst of change. You’ll learn that security can reside in simply you being in charge of your emotional balance. Balance is the key this month, and relationships are the focus. Remember to take care of yourself.

LEO. You’ve been burning like a flame this past year, Leo. Now it’s time to get down to work. Not that you ever quit working, but concentration now on details and nitty-gritty can earn you big bucks—perhaps fallout from the contacts you’ve made this past year. Your days will be very busy, and loving as well. Your re-alignment now has a two-pronged focus—improving health, and adjusting the work environment so that it allows more space for creativity.

VIRGO. A new you, Virgo, is seeing the world in a new way. This is a good year for you to launch new projects. You can start now with your money situation, on the one hand, and relationships on the other hand. Days will be intense, and women may have a special place in them. Your creativity is opening in a new way, and as a result your ideals are changing. Daily life will hold surprises.

LIBRA. Libra, this is your time. You have a combination of free-wheeling creativity, along with a drive to manifest it in a solid way. Imagination can be wild, inspiration strong, and at the same time you can take charge of your life and goals with a new authority. Full Moon will bring revelations. After that, your planet, Venus, moves into Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio attracts money, and you should be getting some good returns during the rest of the month.

Juno in Scorpio, and eclipses in Scorpio, show that life has not been easy for you lately. However, your fortune picks up this month, as Mars turns direct trine your sign, and Venus travels through Scorpio, where it can bring you goodies. Full Moon brings a new start in healing, and perhaps in your finances as well. Your challenge this month is to get your communication endeavors together into a coherent, disciplined format.

Your main focus for the entire month will be finances. How do you balance what you get from others vs. what you throw in the pot? How do you balance your creative adventures with making a living? And how do you use your resources to work towards what you really want in life? The latter is your main challenge. It’s time to get your priorities in order, and make clear goals. Communication will fill your days. Don’t forget to relax occasionally.

CAPRICORN. This is a weird month for you, Capricorn. You work on stabilizing relationships, but somehow they keep shifting on you—like shape shifters. At the same time new goals are coming into view. The kaleidoscope of life keeps you on your toes this month. Strange money things may also be happening. Take a trip. This is a great month for you to travel. You’ll learn and grow and have a good time as well.

AQUARIUS. This is total re-alignment month for you, Aquarius. You may find yourself forced into it as surprising disruptions come at you from out of the blue. Make all your plans tentative. Money will come in, and you may want to use some of it to travel. This is a great month to expand your understanding, and exploring distant horizons can be a stimulus.

PISCES. Move ahead on all fronts, Pisces. Mars has turned direct in your sign, and you will find your energy renewed, along with your urge for personal freedom. You realize that freedom requires responsibility. Your focus will be on disciplining your creativity, and making it practical in the world. Relationships are a blessing in your life. Appreciate them. At Full Moon you have an illumination in regard to partnership, and its value to you.