Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 3   S U N   S I G N S

September Sun SIgns

ARIES. This is a big health and healing month for you, Aries. Sudden events bring things to your attention which require solutions. By the end of the month, you will find yourself in a totally new energetic alignment. Work and career is the action arena, and a source of major transformation is the media, or foreign entanglements. You have a wisdom now about what is right for you. Don't squander it in reckless behavior.

TAURUS. This is the month for you to do the things you love, and to follow your bliss. Being productive is a major feature of your pleasure, and this month you can produce to your heart's content—whatever is your choice, and however unusual it might be. Regeneration of your creative urge is the month's focus for you. You may find yourself going to school, studying, or teaching. Communication is your tool now.

Is your whole life turning upside down? A relationship can do that for you this month. Money may be a problem. Perhaps someone neglects to pay you, or throws you a curve in regard to your debts. Get your priorities straight this month, and make sure to get good value for your money. You can do a lot of good thinking about where you're coming from, and when Mercury turns direct on September 20, you can put your revisions into action.

Take care of yourself, Cancer. People may throw you some curves, but hold to your spiritual grounding. In particular, watch your health. You will be super-busy solving problems, many of them other people's, and burnout is likely. Use discrimination about where you put your energy, and take time out for R & R. You do feel the problems of the world, but you really are not obligated to solve them all by yourself.

Money is your thing this month. Perhaps you receive a windfall? This month you can change some financial conditions which have been draining you. You can make a new start in how you handle your finances. Care and frugality will pay off for the next year. You're also thinking about how to improve your working environment. By the end of the month, when Chiron, Mars, and Mercury have turned direct, you can manifest those changes.

Feeling pretty cocky about yourself, Virgo, now that Jupiter's in your sign? Get yourself together and figure out what you really want to do. Enlist the help of others, especially a mentor or an older person. By the end of the month, after planets have turned direct, all lights are green. Giving and getting, and being fair about it all, may be issues. You may find your foundations rocked at Full Moon.

LIBRA. August and September are months for you to work with unseen forces in your life. They will come out in the open now, for you to recognize, and by the end of September you can handle them. You set new goals for yourself now, different than your former goals, thanks to new information. Information, in fact, can revolutionize your life this month. Money is important, and you are likely to add to your coffers through a partner.

This month you begin a year-long cycle of being important in groups. Your role is one of service, and your power is growing through this work. By the end of the month you can step out, and by your birthday you will be on a roll. Your investment now is yourself, and your regenerational, or healing, abilities. Helping others to empower themselves is a major part of the month's work. Let your intuition rule—as if you'd do otherwise!

What are you doing this month, Sag? BE CONSCIOUS! You may be upsetting lots of other people's lives, and your own besides. Your motives are good, but your carelessness about others' feelings can be devastating. Pay attention to your power--it's strong now—and use it well. Expect uncertainty in your home base, and make specific career plans. Be careful with money.

CAPRICORN. You and an important partner may be going through a protracted power struggle. You hold the cards, and you can play them best by being yourself, staying away from molds. Communication is your arena. Again, communicate your truth and let the chips fall where they may. It will work out. No matter what you say, you will be well received by the world. And it is time to speak to the world.

AQUARIUS. How do others value you? You'll be doing a lot of thinking about that, and hopefully learning to detach yourself from the opinions of others. You were meant to go your own way. Looking into yourself and your relation to spirit is your key. You need to balance your relation to the past and the future. Health could be one of your issues this month. You can establish new and better health routines.

PISCES. The first half of the month is hard for you, Pisces. You feel pressure and tension, and by Full Moon something gives. The month eases up, and by the end, you're more or less in charge of yourself. Your attention focuses on relationships, and you make some revisions in that department. Your creativity is another focus, and you're willing to devote yourself to it. Old friends may be helpful.