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M O N T H L Y   A S T R O L O G I C A L   I N F L U E N C E S

The consciousness of all of us will be changed

by Maya del Mar

Our competency and our flexibility star in September, under Virgo’s tutelage. Virgo is a complex, creative, and sensitive sign. Take the time to read about it in the Sunsign Archives.

Virgo is an expert problem-solver. Planets in Virgo want to improve things, and are good at it. Health and healing is one of Virgo’s specialties. Mercury retrograde in Virgo, until September 20, is an excellent analyzer and has the motivation to fix things. Mars can also be healing, and Mars still retrograde until September 29 will help with renovation and repair.

A third healing planet is also active during all of September. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, turns direct on September 18. It is nearly still in the heavens during the whole month—in a position in Capricorn just opposite the U.S. Cancer Sun. Chiron often heals through first disrupting, and we can expect to see disruption in the U.S. related to the establishment, which is Capricorn’s domain. This is especially the case during September and October, when Saturn conjoins the U.S. Sun.

The last time Saturn conjoined the U.S. Sun was in August 1974; when impeachment proceedings were brought against Pres. Nixon. The last time Chiron opposed U.S. Sun was in January 1953, when the Lt. Governor of California, and main contender for the Governor position, Cruz Bustamente, was born. Thus it will be Cruz’ Chiron return, which is a major life turning point. Also in January 1953, a U.S. Senate report censored Joseph McCarthy, who for a few years had been an instrument of fear and repression in the U.S. In the early 50s it was fear of a Communist takeover.

Now in September we have Saturn and Chiron opposing one another in Cancer and Capricorn, putting a pincers around the U.S. Sun, which represents the government. Saturn is the reality tester and the teacher. It adds pressure and responsibility. Chiron adds disruption for the purpose of bringing in something new.

At the same time we have Ceres in Cancer conjoining Saturn and thus the U.S. Sun. Ceres has to do with nurturing, and all aspects of getting food to people, including labor and climate. When Ceres is pressured, as now, there can be a focus on labor problems, difficult growing conditions, or other food chain problems. Certainly the whole GMO push, and worldwide protests, are amongst our greatest food problems in the U.S. In fact, the whole field of biotechnology is under Ceres’ domain.

Saturn opposes Chiron during the entire month, and builds up to exactness on September 26.

Action will move quickly during September. Indeed, personal planets are retrograde, but this means that the action will focus on past situations, and on repairing or re-organizing them. Certainly the California recall attempt is an example of this type of situation. Things will also move relatively smoothly, because most of the month’s aspects are harmonious.

Besides the stressful Saturn-Chiron opposition, there is one other difficult aspect in September. (The difficult, or challenging, aspects are the ones we notice.) Mercury squares Pluto twice, once retrograde and once direct. The first direct square occurred on August 13, at the time of the huge blackout in northeastern U.S. and the Pentagon’s announcement of the "death ray" weapon.

The Pluto-Mercury opposition preceding these squares occurred on June 24. Issues around that time were trade and agriculture, and pushing U.S. biotechnology on the world.

Pluto is transformation and power, and Mercury is thinking, communicating, moving, and all kinds of exchanges. With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, all Virgoan issues are up for rethinking. Healing—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—are particularly supported by this double square. With an active Chiron, it is apt to be disruption which brings needs for healing to our attention.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, freshly into Virgo, continues to oppose Uranus, and then Mars in Pisces. The Pisces-Virgo axis is about service and purification. Progressive Uranus here is extremely idealistic, and Mars lends it energy to act on those ideals. Jupiter refers to important people, those who run society, and they will be stacked against rebellious Mars-Uranus. However, Uranus backs up into the rebel sign of Aquarius on September 15 to further fortify itself to buck the establishment.

Saturn is the other planet connected to society’s workings, and with both Jupiter and Saturn in opposition to disruptive planets, there will be polarization. The retrograde planets give us each an opportunity to check with our inner, or higher selves and form our own conclusions. Detachment is important.

Information will be plentiful and vital, but the Pluto square means that propaganda will reign. It will be necessary to use Virgo’s analytical ability to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Meditation would be very helpful this month.

Energy picks up as the month moves on. Chiron turns direct on September 18, Mercury turns direct on September 20, and Mars turns direct on September 27.

All planets in Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, and Capricorn will be especially affected by September’s energies. And the consciousness of all of us will be changed.