Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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J U L Y    2 0 0 3   S U N   S I G N S

July Sun SIgns

ARIES. ARIES. During the early part of the month, you rise to new challenges and really move into gear, Aries. Your natural independence is showing, and you’re willing to defy the powers-that-be, and create a solid new base for yourself. Faith in your excellent natural intuition is your strong suit this month. You do take charge of life, but may struggle with balanced relationships. By the end of the month you’re in a comfortable flow.

TAURUS. This is the month for you to do intense family repair work, Taurus. Issues of abuse, past and present, can be confronted and resolved now. Sibling relationships are featured, and perhaps with love and forgiveness you can re-build what will be a lifelong friendship. This is the time to establish a new family security, which will serve you well in the future. Communication is your big tool this month, and you will keep the lines hot.

GEMINI. Sudden changes at work are affecting your financial situation. Your cash flow may increase, but paradoxically, you may feel more insecure about it, and thus handle your money more carefully—to your long-range benefit. Communication of all types will fill your days. During the last half of the month, you focus on family matters. A focus on taking care of yourself now will pay good dividends in improved health.

CANCER. This is an important month for you, Cancer. You begin a two-year cycle of asserting your personal authority. It will be a period of great and new growth, which may include travel, especially business, and also include making distant family connections. Your partner will be instrumental in this process. You will feel more professional, and may change your personal presentation accordingly. Money continues to flow in from your creative efforts.

LEO. Losses and gains. Death and regeneration. You complete a relationship or situation now, in readiness for your rebirth after your birthday. You are re-aligning your whole approach to personal security, in every way. This may be a difficult month, but you are beginning a new round of cleaning out much karma, a kind of purification. Parting with the familiar, even when it’s destructive, is always difficult. Releasing old abuse issues is especially important.

VIRGO. A sudden change in a relationship situation brings you closer to your dreams of happy family. It is your family of friends, or family as friends, that is prominent now. Your relationship life will be very active for the next six months. Healing communication is a major objective. You do attract money. Your dreaming will increase the last half of the month. Pay attention to those dreams.

LIBRA. You receive special recognition for your role in the world, whether it be vocation or avocation. Your investment this month is yourself, and people who can help your achieve your goals are attracted to you. Your daily working situation and your daily schedule begin a period of rethinking and revision for the next four months to accommodate your new professional status. Changes at home may also revolve around business.

SCORPIO. You begin to consolidate a new expansion this month, Scorpio. Maybe, for example, you’re teaching, traveling, getting your writings to a publisher, or getting a new website going. Your work this month is speaking out in some form so that you share your wisdom with the world. People will hear you. Your creativity is blossoming, perhaps in the area of working with a mentor, or working as a mentor.

SAGITTARIUS. A business partnership may firm up now, or fall apart. Family business will take your attention in an unusual way, and your travel may revolve around it. There may be losses in your security base. You begin a six-month period of re-organizing your foundations. Mid-month begins a period of creative travel and of enhancing your connections with spirit. A distant friend may help you improve your health.

CAPRICORN. Your partner is the light of your life this month. You develop new ideas and intuition about relationship, and can spend the next few months revising your attitudes. Business partnerships are especially important. But on the other hand, if you’re looking for a soulmate, you may meet him or her now. You tend to be very independent, but this month you need people, and depend on them. Your days are exciting, and you appreciate people in a new way

You work very hard this month, Aquarius, and your spiritual returns are large. These are re-alignment weeks for you, as you prepare yourself for your debut into the world at the end of the month. Finances are active. Unpredictable ups and downs keep you on your toes. Don’t let others take advantage of your good nature. Your days are busy, but you manage your time well. Partnerships are in the foreground towards the end of the month.

PISCES. These next six months are a major reviewing, re-evaluating, re-organizing your life time. Now, in July, you get to plainly see those conditions which require revising. Your focus is on your family life, your children, and your creativity. You are undergoing a slow process of learning to better combine personal freedom with responsibility towards yourself and others. Your working environment gives you growth and benefits.