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Waters of Emotion Carry Us this Month

by Maya del Mar

July will be both emotionally active, and physically busy. We will be stirred at many levels.

The Fourth of July, for instance, with its focus on the history and destiny of the United States, will have special significance.

The sign of Cancer rules during July. This nation, GW Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld all celebrate their birthdays during Cancer time. They thus begin their new annual cycles now, as they sow the seeds which will grow during the next year.

Cancer is the sign of the Moon, that planet which is closest to earth, closest to our hearths, closest to our family lives, and closest to the ebb and flow of our emotions. Cancer is a sign of the people, associated with an instinctive feel for human nature.

When one is born under Cancer, the challenge is to find that human nature within oneself first, and then within others. Human nature is most closely allied with emotions. Cancer’s work of exploring emotions gives it sensitivity and vulnerability, and protection is necessary to allow it to proceed. Thus the symbol for Cancer is the crab, with its soft interior and hard outer shell.

Cancer is an emotional water sign. Emotions are akin to water. They flow and change, looking for channels of expression. Emotion and motion come from the same root, to move. Water is everywhere in the universe. Water moves, life moves, and we are bonded together by water and by emotions.

Water is healing. It contains, and bonds, and moves life. In the same way, the water signs are healing. The other two water signs are Scorpio and Pisces. During July, Uranus and Mars are traveling through Pisces, and Juno is in Scorpio. We thus have all three of the water signs occupied with planets during July.

This means that the focus in July is on emotional flow. Long-repressed emotions will want to move, and we can easily access them for healing. Toxic emotions can be more apparent, and we will want to detoxify both ourselves and those near and dear to us. All kinds of artistic creativity, which rise from emotions, will burgeon. People can feel more connected, to themselves and to each other.

This grand water trine will be in effect through October, but during this month, July, it really takes off. And it is strongest now because Sun traveling through Cancer invigorates the path of water, and adds to its creative flow.

During July we have another connector, Mercury, the Messenger, who is extremely active. Mercury is traveling swiftly, and makes an incredible 32 noticeable planetary aspects during July. Our days’ activities will be determined not only by Moon’s disposition, but by Mercury’s proddings to go here, go there, do this, do that, talk to x and y and z, and listen to all who come our way.

We will be very busy, and we will make many connections. We think we are busy now, but we will find our daily lives ramped up incredibly during July. Mars, now so close to earth, may add to that constant need for action.

The major theme around which we move will be that of building our security, creating the shell for the crab. Some manifestations will be reaching for housing, in all its forms. Real estate and construction will be buzzing. The renewal of creativity will bring sustainable, eco-friendly housing into prominence. The crab needs food, and restaurants and the food business will thrive. With the desire to purify, organic and natural foods will receive a big push.

Financial security will be important, and with the new creativity, new businesses will be developed. At the same time, the recognition is growing that the gifts of Earth herself, plus the human spirit, are basic sources of security. We can open ourselves to living in harmony with the flow of nature and with the flow of human nature. Businesses which feature these qualities can get a successful start this month.

There are two other focal areas during July. One of these is relationships, thanks to Juno. And this includes all of our relationships, as well as primary partnerships. Learning to be fair in all of our relationships, to respect one another, to allow each other to come from a place of self-empowerment, is vital. Relationship abuse will be one of the very big emotional issues which can be dealt with now, and good healing work begun.

For those who work with the public, the key to success will be respect for their clients and customers. Businesses involved with some form of helping to heal relationships could also be fruitful. The field of human resources will begin to achieve new importance.

The other highlighted area is alternative healing in all its forms, with Chiron prominent this month. This is a good month for setting in motion a personal healing program, as well as for beginning a healing business, or a healing center. New forms, and combinations of forms, of alternative/medical healing will begin to emerge now.

We can do an enormous amount of personal integration this month, and at the same time make important new beginnings. Those things which we set in motion now are parts of cycles of varying lengths, but the major cycles will last two years, and five to seven years.

All of the water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—are featured. The water signs have it, and they can begin now to rebuild their lives in a fresh way. Even if your Sun is in another sign, any planet which you have in a water sign begins a period of renewal now.

In water we go with the flow. This means we pick up negative as well as positive energy. Negativity is the pitfall of water. This means that we have a particular challenge now to make our intentions clear and firm, to keep those long-range intentions foremost in our consciousness, and to use discrimination so that we pick up those experiences along the way which will move us towards our intentions. With attention steadily on our goal, we can simply let water carry us there.

In fact, water WILL carry us there, whether our intentions are negative or positive. It’s thus especially important now to bring up from the subconscious any subversive intentions which may be lurking there, and to work on strengthening our conscious intentions.

Intention is the core of Crystal Pomeroy’s work, and her Meditations assume a special importance now and for the next several years. Working with them is very helpful for clarifying and purifying intention.