Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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J U N E    2 0 0 3   S U N   S I G N S

June Sun SIgns

ARIES. It’s still money, Aries. Perhaps you’re creating something grand that empties your coffers. Perhaps friends or children are costing you extra. Brothers or sisters may be very much in your life, and creating changes for you. It’s an active month for you, and you do want to widen your horizons. Home also has special meaning now. Are you thinking about finding that dream spot?

You’re in the middle of a year of big change. Your resources change; you may become more open with them. Your identity changes—you’re getting more feisty. Your power spot changes, could be through work, could be through home. Your communication channels change—they become a major resource for you. Your long-range ideals are starting to fall into place.

You’ve gone through a lot of testing these last few years. Now the rewards start to come in, and you start a whole new ballgame. You’re very restless about job or career, and may start a period of experimentation until you find something that gives you the freedom you’re coming to need. Money works out well to give you this opportunity. Partnership is emotional and adventurous.

Something firms up inside of you, Cancer—perhaps an inner indecisiveness that can keep you from acting changes now to make you more sure of yourself. This is a month of re-aligning your inner self, getting ready to take on new responsibilities by next month. This means a focus on problem-solving. Your finances will be a big part of the picture. Reorganization is the key.

This can be a month of dreams come true for you, Leo. You’re very busy in the world, creating security for yourself. You keep running into just the people you need to help facilitate things, men in particular. Your financial situation is starting to shape up; maybe you can save a little this month. There is a focus on career, and it will move along well.

Looks like a job change coming up, Virgo, and that it’s related to traveling, or expanding your life in some way. Horizons do broaden for you. Relationships are becoming more exciting, and filled with potential. Your focus has been on your working situation for several years, and now it’s time to leave the rut of habit and really look at others for who they are, and how you can enjoy them.

Invest in yourself, Libra. Be all of who you are. You might rock a few boats to do so. That’s hard for you, but it’s worth the cost. You’ll have an enormous drive to communicate this month, although it might be close to the middle of the month before you’re able to do so easily. Finances are still a fluid situation for you, but expect changes, especially related to your own creativity.

These last two months are a big vortex of change for you, Scorpio. This month something old dies, and something new is reborn, and it could be in the area of investments, or money from other people. As the water signs come into play, you can breathe a sigh of relief, for life is getting easier for you. You still have lots of action at home, and some changes. Make sure your foundations are secure.

SAGITTARIUS. Are you starting a special new relationship this month—or perhaps closing out an old one? Or both? This is a perfect travel month for you—look for that golden treasure on distant horizons (as usual!). Also, this month you have a special opportunity to become more organized at work, or in your health habits. Relationships are stimulating and exciting.

Pay attention to your health this month, Capricorn. With correct information and the expenditure of a little extra energy, you can improve it. There is a temptation to overindulge. Curb it. Little things may be signaling you to shore up relationships. Prepare to work on them for the next couple of years. Watch your money, too. It can disappear without leaving a trace. Be observant this month.

AQUARIUS. You are a busy busy bee—busy making changes in all departments of your life. Watch out for burnout. There’s lots of people and much communication in your home. Partnerships are particularly fortunate for you for the next couple of months. You’re very at home with words and communication. Spreading the word wide is a mission now. Don’t let fear get you.

You’re starting to live again, Pisces! Uranus brings new life to you. What are you going to do with yourself? You feel a new restlessness, and at the same time an urge to settle down. How do you combine them? Perhaps the universe is doing it for you. This month your old foundations are closed out—eclipsed—and a new place in the world is emerging. It is one in which you can grow.