Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


June 6–7
Uranus retro

June 29
Juno direct

J U N E   2 0 0 3   R E T R O G R A D E   W A T C H

Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

Just two planets change direction this month, each right on a moon phase change.

Uranus turns retrograde on the night of June 6-7, just before the First Quarter Moon in Virgo.

It will travel slowly retrograde until November 8, the day of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Coinciding with the moon phases gives Uranus special impetus and direction, like catching a jet plane….as the song goes.

Not that Uranus needs more energy. It releases plenty in its own right. Uranus is the waker-upper; it awakens us to knowledge or qualities which were not seen before. Surprises trail in Uranus’ wake. And some kind of new freedom is the result.

Uranus travels seven years in a sign, and reveals special qualities of that sign as it does so. It shows us ideas, ideals, and archetypes of that sign, and then it’s up to Saturn, the Builder, to give them form. Uranian transits can feel disruptive, especially when Uranus is traveling direct, because in some fashion they break up old forms, so that the new ideal can eventually manifest.

Uranus just entered Pisces in March, so we’re just beginning to understand its activity there. Fortunately it’s been trine Saturn in Cancer, so that new forms can emerge immediately. At this time, ideals of a secure world order combine qualities of both Pisces and Cancer.

A textbook case is the U.S. story in Iraq. First of all, the U.S. is considered a Uranian nation—so we act as Uranus, the catalyst. We come in with our Uranian technology and weapons—our style of using Uranus, and totally disrupt Iraq, which is filled with oil, related to Pisces. Chaos has ensued. This has been happening for three months while Uranus was traveling direct.

Now Uranus turns retrograde, and we get a chance to back off from the overload of Uranian frequency, and to begin to assimilate the disorder, to try to make sense of it. We can begin work on putting Humpty Dumpty together again. Just watch—during the next 5 months we’ll get started figuring out what to do in Iraq. And it may take us the next seven years to accomplish the job. In the meantime, new problems to solve will be revealed whenever Uranus is traveling direct—and especially when it enters new degrees.

For each of us, it is similar. Uranus traveling direct has brought some chaos and excitement into our lives. Now, while it’s traveling retrograde, we get to absorb its vibes and to make something of this new information. We, too, are beginning a seven-year cycle in the development of Piscean affairs. (Where is Pisces in your chart? What are your outlets for expression of your imaginative and visionary creativity?)

First Quarter Moon in Virgo can help us to analyze what’s happening, and to reorganize.

For the peace movement, it’s an opportunity to retrench, and to work to build a solid movement from the ground up. It’s time to organize, not demonstrate. If we develop clear visions of the kind of world we want, and the forms to manifest it, in seven years time, when Uranus enters the pioneering sign of Aries, we can be effective in promoting it.

Uranus will turn direct just after the election, an interesting situation. It will be nearly stationary then, and very powerful. Uranus does represent some kind of revolution. It can also represent war—maybe because that’s one way to create the chaos out of which new forms can born. It is a crude, barbaric (Skull and Bones), and short-sighted way, however, and destroys the very life which spawns the creative force.

Juno turns direct in Scorpio on June 29, a few hours before the New Moon in Cancer.

Juno has timed her turn just we are finishing the Gemini Moon Cycle, and peering ahead into the new Cancer cycle. This is the place in the moon month where we are completely ready to shed the old, and able to have the perspective to see what is needed for the future, just before we plunge into it. It’s like that moment on the edge of the pool, when you’re contemplating the wetness, ready to shed your dryness and plunge into the water.

This is a very potent moment. Many revolutionary leaders are born in this moon phase. It is the phase most open to surrender, to selflessness, and to the understanding that we are all indeed one.

Juno’s new vision has been seeded during the last four months, while she has traveled retrograde in Scorpio. Now she will plant the new pattern for her future, and carry it out as she turns direct.

Juno is the great Goddess of married women, of mothers, and of childbirth. She is by far the smallest of the big four asteroids, and also represents the principle of powerlessness. She is vulnerable and fearful of power, which is a motive to ally with power, and to work for peace and conciliation, but she does not always find that peace. Often she finds instead abuse and victimization, e.g., women and children in war, ex-U.S. allies, such as the mujahadiin in Afghanistan (which became training grounds for assorted terrorists.)

Juno has a temper, and one of her weapons when she becomes angry is to disturb the weather. She was raised by the Seasons, and the winds obey her. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and violent storms are symbolic of her rage. She can cooperate with Ceres to create drought. However, Juno also is an indicator of pleasant weather. She is involved in all natural phenomena that affect the weather, including volcanic eruptions. A look at the weather can tell us whether Juno’s peace overtures are being received. (Remember the unusually heavy sandstorms as U.S. troops were waiting to attack Iraq?)

Juno in Scorpio is intense. She will work very hard at conciliation and peace-making, and she will also become very outraged at abuse of all kinds. Human rights are a Juno bailiwick.

Now, as she turns direct, she has really excellent aspects to help her promote peace. For those of us working for a peaceful world, this is the moment to seize.

Water is the most healing element. Juno in Scorpio right now completes a grand water trine with Uranus and Mars in Pisces, and Mercury, Saturn, and Moon and Sun in Cancer. She is thus allied with six of the ten major planets in the most creative aspective of all, the grand trine, in the most healing element, water. It is a golden moment of opportunity to move a real peace movement onto the international stage.

I just noticed that Congressman Dennis Kucinich has his Juno in Scorpio. He thinks, acts, and talks peace and cooperation. Juno has a four-plus year cycle, and he has his Juno return in late August, a time of turmoil in the heavens. Dennis will begin a new four-year cycle then.