Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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J U N E  2 0 0 3
M O N T H L Y   A S T R O L O G I C A L   I N F L U E N C E S

June, Harmonious and Flowing

by Maya del Mar

Flowing air and water dominate during June.

The water signs have it this month. First, this means lots of water—rain, floods, storms, water in all its guises. Secondly, emotions have center stage. Many of them will rise from deep, mysterious places, and may be ultimately puzzling, and even threatening. Yet, a strong airy Gemini influence this month will want to rationalize everything, put it in its proper place and category.

Both water and air share the quality of flow. They do not stand still. Where they will be next can be unpredictable. It depends on how the situations in which they flow shape the currents. They draw heavily on their environments for direction.

Mutable signs also have this quality of flexibility. Our dominant air sign—Gemini—is also a mutable sign. The most dominant water sign, Pisces, is also mutable. Flexibility, then, is a key quality of June.

In May we had the four fixed signs, holding their ground, gathering their power, struggling with one another for dominance. This month we are released to make those changes which have been building in our lives. We can flow with life, and adjust to fit into the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We need not feel that every move is fraught with significance, and set in stone. We can experiment and shift.

Gemini is great in a bureaucracy, classifying ever-changing rules. There Geminis have a structure in which to channel their mental flow. Water signs can be natural therapists and healers because of their ability to empathize. Connecting with others provides their channel. Social work is one easy expression of air and water working together in a versatile way.

Saturn enters Cancer, where it remains for two years.

Saturn is the Great Teacher. With Saturn, we have experiences which are sobering, and which help us to mature. Cancer is an emotional water sign, and the sign of family and security. Like the crab, Cancer needs its safe place, and its shell to protect its tenderness.

Saturn is also a builder, and with Saturn in Cancer we will focus on building safe places for ourselves. Saturn in Cancer gives the impetus to build walls against the great floods of emotion which are always tumbling down on Cancer. For starters, we want our own physical home, and we want it to be solid. We want steady income, plus a stash for a rainy day. We want a full refrigerator. Our ultimate security is family, and Saturn in Cancer is focused on family—sometimes in a reverse manner—to erect walls against the threats of family.

We will center our work on homes, family, and both financial and emotional security for the next two years. Our nation is also our home, and national security will be especially important everywhere. Cancer fosters patriotism, and loyalty to the clan.

Saturn always tests us in the sign through which it’s moving. We do notice it. Saturn’s transit through Cancer is always especially fateful for the United States, a Cancer nation. GW Bush was also born with Sun in Cancer, and Saturn there as well. Both Bush and the nation will be tested during this time.

Saturn was last in Cancer in 1973-75. During that time, President Nixon was disgraced, and resigned. His Vice-President, Spiro Agnew, also had to resign due to corruption scandals. The Democrats won Congress in a huge sweep.

OPEC adjusted the oil supply, and made it scarce so that prices rose considerably. The Alaskan Pipeline was started. The Vietnam War ended.

All of those events have a great impact on exactly what is happening now in American politics. The Republicans blamed the Demos for nailing Nixon, and for the election sweep, and resolved to never let that happen again. They also resolved that OPEC would no longer control oil. In fact, the U.S. Security Plan which sets out U.S. dominance of the world, beginning with Iraq, was conceived then by Donald Rumsfeld, another Cancer. And the military resolved that they would never again be defeated.

Saturn in Cancer is always a little dicey. Try to build walls to keep out water—or feelings. We will finish these two years older and wiser, as they say.

June has another show-stopper. Mars enters Pisces for a six-month sojourn, which includes two retrograde months—August and September. As if Pisces wasn’t already stirred up enough with exciting Uranus entering it. Now we have stimulating Mars and shocking Uranus coming together in the dreamy, often confusing sign of Pisces.

Mars and Uranus join in Pisces to bring surprises.

Uranus turns retrograde at 3 Pisces on June 7, emphasizing its disruptive nature for a few days around that time. Mars enters Pisces on June 16, and joins Uranus on June 23. In other signs, I would look for an unexpected shock. Pisces, however, tends to be gentle, subtle, and non-confrontational, and the expression of this powerful assertive energy is apt to be low-key, chaotic rather than shocking. It does, however, begin a new two-year Mars-Uranus cycle, where Mars is carrying out Uranus’ dictum of change, freedom, revolution and independence.

Pisces deals with the arts, film, addiction, and oil, among other things. For people trying to quit addictions, this is a fine time to set a program in motion.

Pisces is a spiritual rather a material sign, and these next six months ask us to get our spiritual lives in order. Although Saturn insists that we do some grounding, it works best if it arises through a focus on spiritual motivations and means. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Saturn and Uranus trine for much of the month. This is an enjoyable, freeing aspect. We find that we can easily accomplish what we aim for. This is also excellent for emotional grounding, for solidifying relationships, as well as for grounding other things about which we care especially.

In general, June is a harmonious, flowing, easy month, where we can accomplish what we set out to do. Family responsibilities, and security needs, will grab our attention.