Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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M A Y    2 0 0 3   S U N   S I G N S

March Sun SIgns

ARIES. You have the magic touch for calling in spirit help this month. You finances may be in a bit of a turmoil, but in the long run luck is with you. For better or for worse, friends will be influential. Whatever this unpredictable month brings for you, you’ll be OK. You have special protection now. Work may be strange, but again, it will come out well. This is the month you develop patience.

TAURUS. You are changing, and so are your relationships. You can endure the status quo for a long time, but you do have a limit, and this is the month you assert yourself. Your natural care-taking urge is very strong now, and anyone who attacks you or your loved ones had better watch out! You fight for your ideals at work with a new courage, and are successful.

Change is happening deep inside you, Gemini. You’re finishing up a two and a half year training process, and this month it winds up in a burst of glory. You’re feeling the stirrings of something new coming into your life, but for now follow the practice of noticing where you are, and putting one foot in front of the other. It may be hard, but try walking a labyrinth for practice.

Watch the world swirl around you, while you just steadily move forward. Your gyroscope is working very well now. So is business with your partner. Finances may be up and down, but you are establishing something solid which is moving you in the direction you want to go. Still, you’re feeling restless to do more. Your children or your creations are much on your mind.

You’re feeling buoyant and optimistic, like you can conquer the world. You can, IF 1) you don’t become arrogant, 2) your ambitions are realistic, 3) and you cooperate with others. Lucky Jupiter is in your sign, and the other planets revolve around it. This feels natural for you, sign of the Sun, center of the solar system. But do remember those other planets. Big changes in foundation and reputation.

Invest in yourself this month, Virgo, and you can build something solid, although the road be bumpy. Take some classes, go for a promotion or a new job, create a web site for yourself, publish your writings. This is a super growth month for you, and you will close this month feeling greatly renewed. You push for more freedom at work. Don’t sign contracts until May 20.

Partnerships are benefic and successful, especially if you follow your partner’s lead. There’s lots of money out there, but is it coming to you or what? Make sure you speak up and collect your fair due. This is your issue of the month. Money picks up for you after the mid-month full moon, but not without some anxiety on your part. You are starting a new cycle of self-value.

You have a whole new relationship deal shaping up for you this month, Scorpio. Work and home are both likely arenas to motivate change. Your thinking undergoes many twists and turns now. You are preparing for a very new start when your birthday rolls around. You may be recognizing old abuse now. Honor it, express it, and realize how you have grown from it.

SAGITTARIUS. You are grounding yourself, Sag—not an easy thing for you to do. You’re making a major realignment in your life, getting ready for something new, come fall. This is a great month for you to travel, either close to home or far away. (Of course, every month is great for you to travel!) You always like to be on the go, but a new restlessness is simmering within. It will blossom.

CAPRICORN. You have been like Don Quixote, jousting at windmills. Now you can relax for awhile, and let others do the jousting. If you have children, they demand a lot of you right now. If you don’t, hang onto your compassion, and tend to the ups and downs of your investments. With discipline, you can make progress in your career now.

Aquarius, it’s hard for you to know what you’re doing or where you’re going this month. Partners can help you stay clear in your head. Home is apt to be active and upset, with a lot of tension. You finally recognize how you let yourself be abused or abuse yourself in the work sphere. What can you do to change it? You are apt to have a sudden change in goals.

Establishing a security in partnership is important now. At the same time you’ve got special expertise this month in how to handle your money. However, don’t set things in concrete. You are apt to change your mind before the month is over.