Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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A P R I L    2 0 0 3   S U N   S I G N S

March Sun SIgns

ARIES. You know exactly what you have to do, and you have the courage to do it. It may mean a change in direction for you. Teaching, informing, and promoting are particularly important now. However, it is important for you not to be pulled into promoting a vision which, although it may be seducing you, is not true to your honest nature. Aries can be naïve, and there is that danger now. Full Moon is a turning point.

Your major work this month is to be as conscious as possible. This is a challenging task, but things will pop up for you this month—and are popping up in the world—as well as in your unconscious. Illumination and enlightenment can be yours if you pay attention. Partnerships are particularly important now, and can be misleading. Your work situation is apt to undergo major change now.

Here you thought you were setting on your course, and suddenly your cart is upset. In the next seven years, a new destiny will emerge for you, Gemini. This may be choice time, with long-range ramifications. Equal partnership is vital for your future security. Friendship is important now. However, there could be a disruption in a friendship, or in a relationship with a child. Full Moon will be transformative.

You are the focus of all kinds of pressures this month. Invigoration of your work and goals is paramount. Partnership is enormously energetic, and brings you some surprises. Equal partnership is vital now. You’ll be very sensitive all month. Watch out for over-reaction at Full Moon. Money matters will go well, but not without some struggle. This is a great month for promotion and media work.

Jupiter turns direct in your sign on April 4, and after that there’s no stopping you. This is a great time to begin teaching your specialty. Your work situation can change and expand dramatically. A problem at home may cause you to retrace some of your steps. Things may not be what they seem in partnership. Don’t get bogged down; keep your eyes on your goals.

Your destiny is changing, Virgo. A sudden break may open up new vistas. Perhaps it’s help from a partner which comes from out of the blue. You begin to make new practical plans, and things move into place. Mercury retrograde on April 26 brings on rethinking and revising of those plans. Distant places are calling you. Both love and detachment are part of relationships now.

LIBRA. Working on your security continues to have priority for you. You are working very hard to create some new and different foundations, and a new kind of security. Relationships have the top place in this effort. You can learn now that it’s OK to be assertive about your own needs, and that balance, in fact, requires that you do that. On the other hand, you could also give your power away to your partner. Notice your knee-jerk responses to others.

Nurturing others is very big for you now. It may be happening especially in or through your work. Some big expenses may be making inroads on your pocketbook, perhaps through generous giving. Your days are very busy and purposeful, again, perhaps due to care-taking. Work opportunities open up for you, and you may get some special, well-deserved recognition.

SAGITTARIUS. Transformation continues for you, especially in the arena of relationships. You broaden your relationship base to include the whole wide world. You can be very creative about travel and promotion this month, and can incorporate those elements successfully into your business. At the same time you could face legal challenges, perhaps through mismanagement.

There’s lots happening at home, Capricorn. Are you remodeling your house? Or moving? Whatever it is, you’re putting yourself into it whole-heartedly. Maybe you’re creating a solid health regime for yourself. Business is getting your attention, too. You are busy on many fronts. Full Moon may bring a crisis in partnership. Remember that you and your mate are running your mutual show together.

You have much growth through relationships now, Aquarius. Your days will be super busy with connections, but they will be important ones, which lead to power and change for the better. Take the initiative. By Full Moon you will reach new understandings. A sudden trip can be financially beneficial in unforeseen ways. By month’s end you will be ready to make some revisions in regard to your stance towards life.

PISCES. The spotlight is on you, Pisces. Uranus freshly into Pisces is beginning to open new dimensions in your life. This month offers two special things—upping your self-esteem, and providing opportunities for a new start in your money and resource picture. Dedication to work may reap surprising rewards. Equal partnership is another focus which draws your energy—with mixed results.