Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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M A R C H    2 0 0 3   S U N   S I G N S

March Sun SIgns

ARIES. Look to friends for your best goodies this month. They will provide unseen and unsung treasures. At the same time, your own wild escapades into the world will bring home trophies which you can show off. You’re re-aligning yourself to make ready for something new in the world, perhaps a new career. At the same time, you’re quietly re-evaluating all of your partnership connections, getting ready for your next solar year.

You’re finally freed from some kind of money obligation in relation to another. You can spread your wings—perhaps by trying a new kind of investment. You may find yourself a rebel now, fighting for an idealistic cause—such as peace, or social justice. Uranus moving into Pisces will broaden your universality and focus your vision. New friends may come into your life, related to your idealism.

Saturn is bounding ahead in your sign. You only have a few more months to pull it all together before Saturn moves out of Gemini, not to return for another 27 years. Focus this month on working on money issues with others. Make sure that all financial matters are aboveboard and equitable. New developments are stirring in the career sector. Seeds are planted now for future growth, which may have surprising outcomes.

You will be very busy with people, especially male people. Much of this activity will be for business purposes. Now that Saturn has turned direct, you are making many business changes, and laying groundwork for future growth. Expansion is in the cards for you. Your money flow is good, with friends perhaps helping you. This is a good month for travel; tear yourself away long enough for a short trip.

You idealize others, and they idealize you. The public will love you and your work. At the same time, notice reality. Especially since a new love could come into your life now. Or your present one could radiate a new glow. Relationships will be abundant and bountiful. You may re-organize your work situation to make it more efficient and more economical. Take care of yourself.

Relationships hold many gifts and surprises for you this month, both at work and at home. People come and go, and you may sometimes feel like you’re at the mercy of the buffeting winds—a feeling that is getting all too familiar, in fact. A wake-up call comes into your life, and reaches out to your compassionate heart. Full Moon at mid-month will be a time of great self-realization, especially in regard to security and partners.

Do your relationships nurture self-assertion? You might be a Venus-ruled lover, but you find this month that using your Mars initiative is more apt to get you what you want. Friends can be beneficial, but you may have to make adjustments in how you work with them. Perhaps a big corporation is involved, and you may have to take the lead. Health and self-improvement are on the front burner.

SCORPIO. Health may be an issue for you as well, Scorpio. This is a good month to start a new exercise program. You’re moving money around this month—there’s a rhythmic ebb and flow of resources, much of it in connection with teaching and/or learning. Your days are very busy, and your home life is packed with action and excitement. You’re very creative now, and this would be a good time to start a new creative project.

You’re taking your authority into your own hands, and you’re ready to make a committed decision in regard to relationships. Your most important criterion is your own security. Perhaps you want freedom, or perhaps you want companionship. Perhaps you can have them both. You can make plans now for a season of travel beginning next month. Communicating with others is big for you now.

You’re very energized, as you prepare for a new focus in the world. You’re really putting yourself out, on many fronts. Special attention goes into setting up proper communication channels in your work situation. You may also be putting a focus on health—planning a healthy exercise and diet program. Money should work very well for you, whether it be working with your own or with that of others.

AQUARIUS. You’re feeling on top of the world, Aquarius, and you find the resources you need rolling in. This is your year’s new start in values and priorities. In effect, things only work well for you when you put spiritual values first. People may come out of your past to help you see new things, or old things in new ways. They could even include your ancestors now in spirit. Let go and let yourself change.

PISCES. This is your year’s new start, Pisces. You’ll find the year will ask you to make adjustments, but at the same time you’ll have the savvy to make them. Those changes could focus on your working situation, and your working compensation. Don’t be shy in asking for what you need. You’ve been feeling a lot percolating deep down, and it will emerge into consciousness as Uranus goes into Pisces this month.