Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation


March 8

Juno retro

March 22
Pluto retro

M A R C H   2 0 0 3   R E T R O G R A D E   W A T C H

Retrograde Watch
by Maya del Mar

Two planetary bodies remain retrograde, and two turn retrograde this month.

Jupiter and Vesta are moving retrograde now.

Jupiter has been traveling retrograde for three months, and will remain retrograde through March. Jupiter corresponds to philosophies, beliefs, values, religions, and crusades. During retrograde periods, each person is developing his/her own beliefs, and it is hard to come to agreements. We see that kind of conflict in the world right now.

Jupiter also corresponds to important people in commanding positions, such as generals, and this retrograde time is holding them back. The U.S., a Jupiter-ruled nation, is meeting all kinds of delays in its imperial crusade. Jupiter turns direct April 4.

Vesta turned retrograde on February 11. Vesta is associated with all security matters, with investments, and with money. On February 11, the day Vesta turned retrograde, Federal Reserve Chairman Allan Greenspan criticized the Bush tax cuts in front of the Senate. This shocked the establishment, and there has surely been rethinking about the U.S. financial status during the weeks since. Vesta turns direct May 11, a month which shows many big changes, including in the fields of money and resources.

Juno who, as Jupiter’s wife, is the Sky Goddess, turns retrograde. So does Pluto, God of the Underworld. We, here in the middle, can review how the upper and lower realms can best work together.

On March 8, Juno turns retrograde at 21 Scorpio. Because planetary motion is slow during the time around turning stations, Juno remains at 20-21 Scorpio for the entire month. This puts a lot of pressure on those degrees, and on any planets at those degrees of the fixed signs—Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo. One of those planets is the U.S. Vesta at 20 Taurus.

This will not be a good month for investments in the U.S.

Juno tries to ally with power. She married Jupiter, King of the Gods. Her idea is to maintain civilized and pleasant relationships. However, she often finds herself abused by that power, and when pushed too far, can react angrily.

We see this situation in the world. Other nations ally with the U.S. because of its power, and find themselves used, insulted and isolated. (As mentioned above, the U.S. is a Jupiter-ruled nation.) During the retrograde period, which lasts until June 29, they will do some rethinking about their positions vis a vis the U.S.

All situations, personal as well as national, which involve victims and disenfranchisement, will go through re-evaluation during these retrograde months.

Pluto, who packs a lot of power in a small package, turns retrograde on March 22. Issues of power and transformation will undergo re-evaluation during the next five months, and be prepared to emerge, ready for new action, when Pluto turns direct on August 28.

An example of a heavy Pluto action is all too plain for the world to see in the person of GW Bush, who has Pluto on his Leo Ascendant, and in the behavior of the United States, which has Pluto now transiting its Sagittarian Ascendant.

Pluto is the power of life and death. It was discovered recently, in 1930. It is tied to the powerful, transformative events of that time, e.g., discovery of how to make an atomic bomb, the rise of Hitler’s Third Reich, and the world’s Great Depression. All of these developments gave rise to the great World War, which occurred when Pluto joined Transpluto, the energy of resurrection.

GW Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Gore, and most of the people now running the country were born on the wave of that powerful conjunction, which occurred in Leo, the sign of kingship.

Pluto power is awesome, and our experience with it is minimal. We have not yet learned how to work with it effectively. When Pluto’s destructive power is tied to personal aggrandizement, selfish ends, greed, or even national imperialism, it ultimately destroys the user. When it is tied to working for the healing of self and others, it works miracles. The UN is a Pluto-ruled organization.

Raw, open power is afoot throughout the world now. We see its blatant misuse in destructive aggression and in manipulation of minds, particularly by the U.S. We also see the rise of people power, reacting against Pluto’s negative manifestations. This people power is positive Pluto, with great great power to transform the social world body in ways which encourage life, not death, in ways which bless humanity, not curse it.

I believe this retrograde Pluto period will be a time when people recognize their power—which has always been there—and figure out ways to use it to change the world for the better. The rest of the world has a headstart on the U.S.—but just wait until this vibrant, multiracial citizenry realizes its possibilities! Renewal is in the air.

When Pluto turns, at 00:12 a.m EST on March 23, the chart wheel is identical to that of the U.S., with Pluto, of course, on the Ascendant. This current re-evaluation of Pluto power is aimed directly at the people of the United States. The question is, How can we as a nation, with what we have learned so far, best express our power?

We can feel optimistic about possibilities, for Moon in Sag now trines Jupiter in Leo. And Jupiter, the Great Benefactor, is about to turn direct and get social expansion moving. New groupings will form during the next several months.

We can be courageous and ready to meet new challenges, for Sun has just moved into Aries. Furthermore, Mercury joins Sun in Aries for their 120-day conjunction, and is ready for new perceptions and innovative input.

Establishing real security could be the motivater now, for Vesta sits at the top of the chart set for Washington DC. Financial security, especially, could feel elusive.

Pluto is the Great Regenerator. The images to which we open this month will regenerate us.