Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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March Astrological Influences

by Maya del Mar

In March we make a big vibrational shift: from outgoing, reform-minded Aquarius to receptive go-with-the-flow Pisces. Pisces is more low-key than Aquarius, who is always revved up. Pisces is also more intuitive and less willful. It’s more flexible, and less fixed and stubborn. The challenges of resolving problems and conflicts will have more options, and bigger possibilities. Compassion is also a Piscean quality, and it can now come into play. Imagination is stimulated, and new ways of looking at old problems can now appear.

Pisces can be a clear channel for spirit, and we can now open to spirit more easily, and allow our higher selves to guide us.

Pisces is a sign of peace, and a sign of universality. It unifies. In Pisces we are all brothers and sisters under the skin; we all belong to one family—the human family. This spirit of unity will be especially strengthened this month because seven of the ten major planets are in universal signs. This means we see the world globally and broadly.

Moon of course is in all signs. Only two planets are not in universal signs. Saturn is in the personal sign of Gemini, conjunct the U.S. Mars for the month, putting the screws on the U.S. military. Jupiter is in Leo, conjunct GW’s Mercury for the month, giving him great self-confidence which can shade into delusions of grandeur.

Gentle Pisces comes in like a lion, for that planet of surprises and disruption, Uranus, enters Pisces on March 10 for the first time in 84 years. This is the day of First Quarter Moon, and it is a powerful day in its own right. Sun and Moon make stressful aspects with explosive, volcanic Pluto.

The volatile energies of March 10 will set the tone for the remainder of Uranus’ journey in Pisces, which includes much of 2003 and 2010, and all of the years 2004-2009.

Pisces is also a dreamer, and many new dreams will emerge from the heights and from the depths during these years. Music, poetry, and other creative arts are already showing hints of the creativity to come. On February 13, there were dozens of anti-war poetry read-ins throughout the United States. (This was the day that Laura Bush had scheduled for a poetry reading in the White House, but she canceled it when she heard that anti-war sentiment would be expressed.)

Mercury, Sun, and Pallas Athena also move through subtle Pisces during March. Their influence is strong. They continue stimulating the Pluto-Saturn opposition, that aspect of hard work which has dominated the last one and one-half years. Mercury and Sun are personal planets, and the work of that world-changing opposition will feel very personal to each of us.

The aim during Pisces time is to lift us to more spiritual dimensions, and to connect with those guiding powers which inspire and uplift us. The development of faith is especially important now.

The entire month of March has a strong plutonic cast. This means that old situations and points of view are dying, in order for new ones to be born, hopefully more closely connected to spirit.

Pisces is a powerful sign. It is during Pisces time that our dreams for the year are planted. And it is those dreams which are the matrix for our future actions. The images which stimulate us now are very potent. It behooves us to use discrimination in choosing those images which we truly want to see manifested.

March is a month to regenerate our imaging—to let go of old images which have outlived their usefulness, and to open to those inspiring images which can help us to evolve on the path, and to participate in creating a better world.

All mutable signs will be especially stimulated this month. Those are Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. All four of these signs do, in fact, have an extra aptitude for tuning in to the more subtle vibrations around them.

The degrees of all planets between 18-24 are strongly impacted, particularly 20 degrees.