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Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian and Vedic Traditions by John Major Jenkins. Inner Traditions Int'l, Ltd., 2002. Paperback.

"Truth conquers all. Let go of illusion. Stop feeding fear."

This is the simple lesson of John Major Jenkins’ scholarly book, in which he explores the transformation of consciousness according to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic traditions.

The Maya believed that the world will end in 2012. That is the date which they have calculated for the Galactic Alignment, which occurs only every 12,960 years. This is when the Winter Solstice Sun aligns with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, our home in space.

Much attention has centered around this time, both currently and by the ancients. Both "Ascension" and catastrophe are commonly predicted. John Major Jenkins points out that this date denotes a time of process, a process of global transformation, during which we align ourselves with the galactic source of life.

John Major Jenkins believes that we can grow spiritually during this time, and that an understanding of the ancient traditions can help us.

"The sober and humbling fact is that we are being called to create, nurture, and help unfold something that will not flower until long after we, as individuals, have died. The larger life-wave of humanity is at stake. The Algonquin teaching to look ahead seven generations before decisions are made should be our guiding maxim."

Cosmogenesis or catastrophe? The choice is ours, says Jenkins.

"If we can truly embrace this responsibility—which is really the gift of free will—then we might be able to transcend the collective unconscious death wish and appreciate the importance of larger cosmic cycles in which we are imbedded—for the era-2012 alignment initiates the ascension phase of the precessional day. We—that is, humanity—have been falling deeper into unconsciousness for 13,000 years. But the alignment of the solstice meridian with the galactic plane (1975-2021) is the shift zone, after which consciousness begins a reversal, a disembodiment of spirit as we en-lighten through each successive year and each successive incarnation, the universe now fully supporting our spiritual endeavors and our yearning for the highest freedom. Our role, as the alignment generation, seems to be to not blow it, to believe in our highest potential, buried as it might be under millennia of ignorance and materialism....

"So, catastrophe for everything that is built upon a foundation of materialism, lies, and unconscious death wishing does not appear to be a bad thing, and this means primarily the prevailing Western paradigm. This also suggests that indigenous cultures that have made it to the threshold of the end-date are favored exemplars of survivability. They may be the true mid-wives of our rebirth into the next World Age....

"We need to widen our mental framework to channel in the higher faculties…so that we can transcend the debate of 'catastrophe or cosmogenesis' and instead envision the 'catastrophe of cosmogenesis' as an energy increase flowing through Earth as it and our Sun align with the Galactic Center. Our inner beings, and our inner energy centers, are vibrating in sympathy with the goings-on in the larger galaxy, where a chakra system of galactic proportions is rumbling louder and louder while Kundalini, the evolutionary energy of the Serpent Goddess, uncoils."

The concept of the galactic chakra system helps us to understand the transformation that is occurring in the world today as we approach the end of our current cycle of historical manifestation.

But what is ending? Only materialism, illusion, despair, and decadence, according to Jenkins.

In Hindu terms, this is the end of a Manvantara, but we needn’t despair, for the end will immediately become the beginning of another Manvantara.

I feel this. I feel that we are in the process of completing a long age of darkness, but that out of this ending a fresh new beginning will arise. I am optimistic.

This book is much more erudite than I have indicated. Jenkins is able to tie together myths from around the world, and through time, and connect them to the heavens. He draws from a prior book, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, which is also informative and perspective-enlarging.

Jenkins is an outstanding researcher on Mayan cosmology, and has appeared on radio and on TV. He has a website: