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F E B R U A R Y   2 0 0 3
M O N T H L Y   A S T R O L O G I C A L   I N F L U E N C E S

February Astrological Influences

by Maya del Mar

In January, with Capricorn’s help, we built—or rebuilt—something in our lives.

But eventually Capricorn’s careful structures get too rigid, too set. Times and conditions change, and Capricorn has difficulty flowing with that change. So Aquarius to the rescue! In Aquarius time we can disrupt old structures which are outdated. Aquarius is the sign of the future, geared to reform and revolution. In Aquarius, we do whatever it takes to bring things up to date.

Of course different groups have different ideas of what needs to change, and how, and thus there tends to be much conflict during Aquarius time. Aquarius is a sign of groups and of social ideals. Now people gather together in groups to promote their social ideals, and they’re willing to fight the status quo. It’s a month when people often take to the streets for a cause.

Uranus is Aquarius’ special planet, and Uranus is the waker-upper, the enlightener. Saturn, who hews to the conservative line, is also associated with Aquarius. This, too, makes for conflict during Aquarius time. The old social ideals are hanging on, while at the same time progressive ideas are manifesting.

In early February we celebrate the coming of the light.

Early February is the time of Candlemas, Brigit’s Festival of Light. For the Pagans, it is Imbolc, one of the four great cross-festivals of the year. Imbolc means "in the belly," and refers especially to ewes’ pregnancies. In the northern climes, the season now celebrates the promise of spring, of new life, of the return of sunlight. In the Southern Hemisphere, "in the belly" can refer to the return of life to earth’s belly, and the promise of regeneration there.

We are now at the midpoint of Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. These four seasonal midpoints are the great power-fixing points of the year. They are at the midpoints of the four fixed signs, whose job is to do just that—fix in place this season’s work. Aquarius is the sign of ideas and ideals, and now is the time to set forth on our year’s journey armed with those thoughts which will define its character. We want now to align with our highest ideals.

Can the Ground Hog see his shadow? Indeed, let’s hope he can—that the light is shining, and that we can each see a reflection of ourselves on the ground, in our matrix of reality. It may be only a shadow yet, but it is real. And it needs the light to be visible.

The sign of Aquarius has been featured for the last four years.

We’ve had two of the three slow-moving outer planets moving through Aquarius. Uranus entered Aquarius in 1996 (see this month's feature article to learn more about the effects of this transit), and Neptune entered Aquarius in 1999. Neptune will remain in Aquarius through 2011, but this is Uranus’ last February in Aquarius for another 84 years. It must finish its work of exposing things to the light of public scrutiny, of showing the deeper truths.

I believe that the Bush Administration is a catalyst for exactly that. It is so blatantly destructive of life, and of American values of civil liberties and equality, that eventually the public will realize the need for big reforms so that we can become a society which honors life, love, and creativity, rather than tries to destroy it—as we have been doing since the arms industries gained dominant power in WW2. We’ll see what further curtains Uranus lifts on the world stage this February.

Neptune shows the images which hypnotize us.

One of them is the image of personal dignity, freedom, and equal opportunity which is sweeping the world. This is an Aquarian ideal.

Another is the image of the SUVs with which we can bulldoze our way along the highways of America, feeling safe, even though the highway is truly the killing field of the nation, and SUVs have a very high accident rate. Neptune is the master of illusion, and is expert at seducing us with glamorous come-ons.

The automobile come-on leads us to oil, which is also Neptunian, and has been a major expression of Neptune in Aquarius up to now. Again, thanks to Uranus, we are seeing some of the costs of our oil-guzzling nation, which might include a nuclear holocaust. Uranus and Neptune together are exposing us to the truth about our oil economy.

This month we will see more truths about the U.S. And the U.S. is particularly involved with this Aquarian sojourn because the U.S. Moon is in Aquarius. Moon represents the people, the public, and it is enlightenment time for the U.S. people.

Neptune is featured all month.

Neptune is difficult to work with. Think of it as ruling the sea. How do you get a grip on the sea, much less see clearly into it? Neptune is visions and dreams and the nursery of life, but it is also nightmares, delusions, and denial. Neptune is associated with Pisces, March’s sign, and thus Neptune dominates for the next two months.

All during February, Neptune is opposed by Jupiter in Leo. Leo is the Sun’s sign, and it is very strong. Jupiter is big and expansive anyway, and in Leo it can be totally confident and rather overpowering. This is a very creative combination in which Neptune provides the vision and Jupiter the creative vitality. But if Leo is not operating at a high level, excessive ego, arrogance, pride, and vanity can be problems.

With the Neptune opposition, Leo ego can be attached to the particular vision or dream, and hold it firmly and fearlessly. "God is on my side" can be the feeling. It may be unshakable, for Aquarius and Leo are both fixed signs.

Fanaticism can govern this month of February.

At the same time, tremendous altruism as well as creative light can prevail. All social ideals will tend to be firm and fixed—which can lead to conflict. Yes, indeed, this is a month during which the U.S. may lead the charge to attack Iraq. And at the same time many U.S. (and other) people may be joining in a campaign to promote peace, not war.

Another indicator of conflict and hardship now is the final almost-culmination of the difficult Pluto-Saturn opposition during the last week of February. Now Mars joins it, and Mars always means action. In March that pressure will ease off.

The most aspected planet during February is Venus in Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn appreciates the status quo, the patriarchy, and those institutions which have established authority. Thus the Aquarian rebel is under-valued.

The peak of February’s action is at Full Moon on February 16, when high-flying Jupiter and Neptune have their exact opposition.

Uranus, the disrupter of the status quo, dominates that scene—with its last strong hurrah in its favorite sign of Aquarius. Look for surprises. Very intense activity continues through the direct turn of Saturn on February 22.

In this one week we see the notable manifestations of the two rulers of Aquarius—Uranus and Saturn. We will surely experience a peak of Aquarian conflict.

This month, then, builds up towards one theme: the creative expansion—or over-expansion—of one’s vision, which involves enormous energy and drive. It culminates in change of the status quo.