Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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J A N U A R Y    2 0 0 3   S U N   S I G N S

January Sun SIgns

ARIES. What are your goals now? Are you caught in someone else’s goals, or choosing your own purposes? Protecting your family is important now. How can you best do that? The establishment has much to say to you, but it is in reaching for your higher aspirations that you find freedom and self-respect. At the same time, home is important. You make a mid-month shift from going for the gut to going for the truth. Both are part of your nature.

This is a good month for you to travel, perhaps to your ancestral territory. It can also be a time to firm up your foundations through a legal process. This is also an excellent month for working on your health. You can really make headway in improving your physical condition. And do you want to promote something? You’ll be listened to this month, and can establish something enduring, such as a business. Security and freedom combine.

Your work situation has been challenging this last month. You’re due to break free, and make some welcome changes. But it’s thanks to relationships. You have many connections going now, including some with a focus on business. Financial security is important to you this month, and you may be involved with family in providing it. You’re still stabilizing yourself, but this month you have a bit of a breather as you realign your efforts.

CANCER. Are you starting a new business partnership, or just realigning with your life partner? Any rupture now is for healing purposes. What you begin now will have endurance, and provide both freedom and security for you. Most of your creativity now goes into adjusting your work situation so that you can handle more volume. Which will mean increase in your resources as well. You are especially sensitive this month; watch out for burnout.

This is a very creative month for you, Leo. It can include starting a new project or promoting one you’re already working on. You can accomplish much now. This includes healing both self and work situation. Communication works very well for you, especially for business purposes with a partner. You may uncover some old family abuse which you will no longer tolerate. After months of disruption, partnership changes its rhythm.

There are lots of nice things going on at home this month. Some of it may be your very own creativity getting a new impetus. Your work situation changes as well. Some disruptive element leaves or is diminished. Money is an issue now. You may get some special help from a partner or from family. You’re re-evaluating your goals in the light of changing security needs and values. Is a new relationship coming into your life?

You have a huge and creative focus on home base. It’s time to begin laying new foundations. What will they be like? You’re reaching for more freedom, wider horizons, and more creativity in your work. You’ll be seeing good results next June. If you have a victim complex about money, work on changing it to an abundance complex. Again, have patience, for June is your month for rewards. Your daily life is very full now.

You’re working hard, perhaps bringing in much money, or at least a future promise of it. This month is mostly about you, developing a new, more comprehensive approach to life, and widening your expectations. You get some new realizations about how to change your way of communicating to get what you want, again with a long-range payoff. You may get some inkling of health problems, and clues as well about how to handle them.

Fun and adventure call. (When don’t they?) You may be having as good a time planning trips this month as you would taking them. Your imagination is now opening in new ways, and you can see yourself in all kinds of new roles. It’s finances that keep your nose to the grindstone. Perhaps you can use your new intuitional openings to realign your money scene in your favor now. It’s time to create that combination of adventure and steady income.

Health, health, health. Too much ambition may be getting to you. Or perhaps you just need some TLC. Use this Mercury retrograde time for taking care of yourself. You’re feeling strange things now, stirring you in new ways. Look to the past for its origins. A trusted friend could either let you down, or bring special value into your life. You could begin to make some new ideas or inventions practical now.

You feel yourself moving into mysterious new places now, Aquarius, and wondering about the shape of the future. New inventions and technology will abound, and you will be an integral part of the process. This month you may be finding congenial groups and support for your aspirations. There may be endings or beginnings in regard to your family. Health is important now. Pay attention to it.

Things are coming together nicely for you, Pisces. You’re getting clear about what you really want, and work is going well. When it comes to money and resources, trust your intuition, which is beginning to take a giant leap forward. Be cautious and alert while traveling. Traveling conditions may look fine, but may hold pitfalls for you. Family can bring you special pleasure now.