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Maya's Book Corner - Astrology Favorites

by Maya del Mar

HOROSCOPES OF THE U.S. STATES AND CITIES by Carolyn R. Dodson. Astro Computing Services, San Diego, CA. 1975. Reprinted

This book contains horoscopes for the 50 states, their capitals, and a few major cities in each one. It is an old standby, which lay people as well as astrologers have been using since its publication. If you have some idea of the meaning of astrological symbols, it is great fun to take a look at the contrasting characters of cities and states through the eyes of astrology. It’s especially interesting to check out your own reactions to various places as you compare your own chart to the charts of places. Even just checking Sun signs is very revealing.

The birth data used is based on written commitment to the creation of a community together, most often charters or official incorporations. Where the exact time is unknown, Carolyn uses noon.

For instance, for New York, the "Empire State," acceptance into the Union occurred on July 26, 1788. This gives it a Leo Sun squared by Taurus Moon. This is the combination par excellence of big money, and high and elegant living. Venus and Mercury conjoined in Leo show the dominance of media, and of the creative and performing arts. Jupiter in Cancer conjoined the U.S. Sun shows that this state provides benefits and opportunities for the nation, as well as many highly-placed and helpful people and institutions.

Albany, the state capitol, also has Sun in commanding Leo.

New York City itself (consolidation of the five boroughs, Janaury 1, 1898) shows Sun, Mercury, and North Node in hard-driving, ambitious Capricorn, and Moon in assertive Aries. Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn, and thus I would expect a big reconstruction program for the World Trade Towers area to begin really moving this month.

Manhattan Island, the first distinctly municipal form of government in New Amsterdam, became a city on February 12, 1653. The fascinating thing about the timing of both Manhattan and New York City is that they are one Pluto revolution apart. And 9-11-2001 is one-half Pluto revolution beyond—like a full moon Pluto.

At Manhattan’s founding, Pluto was at 13 Gemini retrograde, at New York City’s consolidation, it was at 14 Gemini retrograde, and on 9-11 Pluto, that great transformer, was at 13 Sagittarius direct, directly opposite the Pluto’s of Manhattan and New York. (And directly conjoined the U.S. Ascendant.) Pluto rules big explosions.

Manhattan has Sun in Aquarius, close to the U.S. Moon. It is a center of expression for the U.S. people. Mars in Scorpio shows the urge to power, especially financial power.

Sausalito, my community, has a Virgo Sun and a Gemini Moon. It is Mercury-ruled, and has long been a home for writers. My Moon is in Virgo and my North Node is in Gemini, and I’m very compatible with the energy here.

Carolyn’s book of U.S. Horoscopes is fun just to peruse. It is also easy to handle and study.