Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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D E C E M B E R    2 0 0 2   S U N   S I G N S

December Sun SIgns

ARIES. The planets this month really make your fires burn. There is plenty of fuel supply, and air to keep the flames alive. Travel may call you, in the service of some personal mission from the past. Your ideas are changing, and you may be trying some new messages in the world. You are remaking yourself, and you want people to see you differently, as a more independent person. You’re also building a new communications network for the new you.

You have a lot going on in relationships right now, perhaps more than you can handle. There may be love, power, manipulation, abuse, and jealousy—a whole gamut of emotional entanglement. This net of entrapment might be connected with business arrangements and with money. You’re just trying to get free, and in fact it may happen this month. Finances are a major focus for you, and you end the month in good shape, and more independent.

Others have been pulling your strings for quite a while now, but this month is the capper. Somebody faces you with a big surprise, or pulls the rug out from under you. You’re being forced to take relationships more seriously than you are wont to do, and this might be what it’s all about. You may be radically revamping your work situation, perhaps to include—or eliminate—a partner. You’re also re-evaluating all partnership agreements.

You’re re-organizing your whole work scene, and it includes how you deal with money. Business is helped by a canny partner. Your creativity goes non-stop. Part of it may be working productively with others. Watch out for burnout. Don’t push yourself, or health may suffer. You’re in a phase of repairing and re-aligning your energies so that when Saturn enters Cancer in June, you’re ready and able for more responsibility.

This can be a month of much growth in terms of success with expressing your great creative power. At the same time, you may change your mode of expression, or move into a new phase of work. Much is going on at home. Maybe it’s your new line of endeavor, maybe it’s a partner or a child who is keeping you extra busy. Friends are not many, but they are very helpful, especially in augmenting your resources.

A big change in home and family brings you more responsibility. You are also more conscious of your own creativity, and feeling a need to express it. Communication now is very emotional. It may be hard to keep the tears away. Perhaps they are tears of grief for a family loss. Inner adjustments are going well. You are improving your skills and efficiency daily. You may get a promotion at work which brings you more freedom.

You’re thinking a lot about home and family, maybe even making some changes there. Finances are a very emotional issue now. You may find yourself short of resources due to circumstances over which you have no control. At the same time, you can be very creative and improve the situation through speaking out—to everyone, including the wide world. Your own unique artistic efforts can also be a source of resources.

You come together in a new and beautiful way. Yet, there is something about you feeling a victim, Scorpio. What’s that about? A big change in your financial situation leads to eventual stabilization. Your work gives you new opportunities for growth, and greater financial independence. A situation at home, in which you show selfless love, is harmonious now. You may complete a financial contract which has been hanging.

Oh boy, Sag, these years are not easy. This month something old is grasped right out of your very hands. The truth is that you do not need it, but you might not realize that for awhile. You may be changing, but even in the midst of your changes, your special relationships remain stable. Good thing. They serve as much-needed grounding. You’re doing a lot of inner work now on the real meaning of love and partnership.

Consciousness of self is your biggest gift this month. And yet, just as you think you have a grip, something comes out of the blue to throw your world for a loop. By the end of the month, you have received another gift—the ability to discipline your mind to carry through on your self-improvement routines. This month you may decide to get passionately involved a cause helping the underprivileged.

It’s still gung ho ahead for you, Aquarius. You’ve got some great creative work on your platter, and it may involve some sacrifice. It definitely includes working with others, perhaps with a group. Your ideals are changing. They may include a Leo friend or partner. A child or creative project needs special attention this month. Your dedication to it can change your life for the better.

You make a big change in your orientation to the world, and in your long-range goals. By Full Moon you’ve established a new grounding for yourself, something solid and lasting. This is a magic window for you. Money, investments, and working creatively with others are part of the process. A resourceful friend may be a special help. Perhaps even more than re-aligning, you are resurrecting yourself.