Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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N O V E M B E R    2 0 0 2   S U N   S I G N S

November Sun SIgns

ARIES. You are both challenging, and being challenged. Are you wanting to rock the boat of the establishment? At the same time, they are rocking yours. November 23 will see you charge out with renewed vigor. Just be careful of charging over people. Your potential this month is to develop depth in working with others, women as well as men. You can multiply your power several-fold by so doing. Looking to the future brings good fortune.

This month can be exciting—working with people, playing with people, sharing with people. In fact, transformation will occur in and through your relationships. And this is a month of transformation for you. Health may be one of the issues on the table. Work undergoes daily changes—changes which continue to bring you more freedom. Home is a delightful place for you, and you may find yourself entertaining there more than usual.

You have a date with destiny this month. You’ve developed a new sense of responsibility this year, and now it may be time to combine that with partnership. Your daily routines, including health routines, receive new vigor. Your creative communication flows, and is heard far and wide. Travel during these winter months would really expand your mind. There is transformation of your foundations or home center.

You’re in a squeeze this month, Cancer. Disruptive changes in relationships are occurring, but they will ultimately be healing. And then there’s home—perhaps too active a front right now. You are pushed to stand up for yourself there. Besides that, your major urge is to nurture your career. You are very very creative this month. Through problem-solving you grow and you develop new strength. Money comes in unexpected ways.

Jupiter in your sign brings you helpful relationships this month, perhaps out of the blue, and in unexpected ways. Unusual people come into your life. Some will stay, and others only serve an immediate purpose. You’ve been making a lot of changes this year, and this month you stabilize yourself, with a new sense of being at home. Days are very busy, filled with hard work and short trips. Remember to take time out to relax.

Your investment this month is yourself, and you are still going through transformation of your personal base. You are a work in progress. You’re getting a lot of help from unseen sources, and your faith is growing (important for skeptical Virgos). Your whole work scene is undergoing a long, slow resurrection in which you are developing both your true self, and more freedom and autonomy. Daily life is filled with depth and intimacy.

Partnership is extra important this month. And you are extra-sensitive. Make sure that you are not the doormat for someone. And at the same time you want to show that you are grateful for your partner’s nurturing. You make a new start in how you handle your finances. It relates to stepping up your creative output. Group endeavors are especially beneficial for you now. Home base is still not a settled place. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, will help you work with it.

You are developing a new, more idealistic identity, Scorpio. Venus retrograde is in your sign, and for the whole year you will be re-evaluating your priorities, and the people you choose to be in your life. Relationships are complicated now, and require you to be discerning about equal give and take. You’re on a roll when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Plan for success. And mother-child relationships can be healed this month.

Go for it, Sag. (As if you’d do anything else!) Success is on the books for you for the next two months. At the same time, there is some stress along your path—perhaps obstacles due to health or work situations. People from the past keep popping up—perhaps to become part of your future. You are busy planning and preparing your future agenda—and perhaps traveling as well. Your money flow shifts, perhaps due to changed priorities.

You are changing your security base, along with your ideals and aspirations. Instrumental is communication with a friend from the past. Your life purpose is very energized now, and you too need to be alert for equality in relationships, especially in your business and worldly dealings. Your financial situation undergoes reform, perhaps due to your canny handling of your resources and/or a surprising event.

You’re still at it, Aquarius, with somehow a finger in every pie. A better world loudly calls you, and your political dedication feels more needed than ever. Your planet, Uranus, turns direct now, and it’s full speed ahead with promoting those social reforms which tug at your heart. Travel—with mind or body-- is indicated—for the purpose of revisiting places or people from your past, and through those re-connections re-evaluating your present.

You’re putting your new foundations into place very nicely. Your relationships are a major part of this grounding. They are complicated, but slowly evolving to a place where you have more freedom. Partnership, always important to you, is undergoing transformation. A sudden event could radically shift your perspective, and your understanding of the world. Travel now could greatly enrich your life.