Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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O C T O B E R    2 0 0 2   S U N   S I G N S

October Sun SIgns

ARIES. This month you meet continual challenges, which will have a bearing on your future. You are obligated to be in service—perhaps for protection of the home front—when you really want to be free. Respect is also important to you now, and may trap you in somebody else’s illusion. You are well rewarded for your efforts, but you really have to watch out that no one is abused or disenfranchised because of your actions. Be very alert.

A disappointment or revision in partnership is your main focus this month, Taurus. You may feel under pressure—wanting to enjoy your home, being concerned with relationships, and finding new opportunities opening for you at work. You may in fact leave your job—or part of it—and develop new workspace and activities at home. You do want more freedom. Health is an issue, and you work hard at taking care of yourself.

GEMINI. You have a merry time this month, Gemini. After Mercury enters Libra on October 11, you don’t sit still for a moment. And that’s how you like it. You can be communication central for the whole world. And there is indeed a lot to talk about. In early October, before the 11th, you may find yourself frustrated with limitations and blockages. That may be a time to sharpen your skills and equipment to be prepared for the onslaught. Both writing and travel are favored this month.

You develop a New Order at home, Cancer, one where you speak up for your rights, whatever it takes, and will settle for nothing less than fair treatment. Right now that is your major criterion for the security which you need. Opposition may make you stop and think about tactics, and you can develop a cunning underground strategy to get what you want. Home base changes—are you remodeling your nest?

This is a deep growth period, and on the whole things move ahead swimmingly for you, Leo. There may be a glitch at home, however—perhaps a major plumbing repair? Finances may be locked up early in the month, but will start to flow beginning Oct. 11. You’ve got places to go and things to do this month, and you’re very busy connecting, communicating, promoting, and generally moving around.

Security is a very big issue for you this month, Virgo. You work super hard, and still may feel unappreciated, especially during the early part of the month. Mercury’s entry into Libra on Oct. 11 will grease the tracks for you. You’re doing a lot of rethinking about changing your mode of gathering your resources together. It appears that what you’re doing now is not very realistic in terms of your needs. How can you achieve more freedom?

Justice, especially for yourself, but also for everybody you know, and for the world’s people in general, is a very big issue for you this month, and will continue to be for months to come. You are becoming more and more sensitive to abuse of anyone, and this month you take the fight against it as your personal mission. Creativity abounds now, and whatever you put out in the world will be well received. The money flow slows down for you this month; focus on what you give, not what you get.

You’ve been riding high, Scorpio, and you may have a setback this month. Your expectations may be too high and unrealistic. However, with your ruler, Pluto, trining Jupiter throughout the autumn, it will all work out to your advantage. Don’t let your natural pessimism (OK, realism) get the best of you. Money is important—how you get it and what you do with it. After Oct. 11, taking risks may pay off. Your work situation requires many adjustments this month.

Lucky for you, Sag—the travel sign. Travel this month brings you very good fortune. In fact, travel benefits you in many ways during the entire autumn season. You are solidifying your place in the world, but it is taking some adjustments—business before freedom. And you do like your freedom. What is your ideal partnership? This month it might be a secret affair. Friends are very important this month.

You too are a little bundle of energy this month, especially after Oct. 11. It’s your responsibility to secure the beachhead, and you really put yourself into it. Team up with a Taurus to make things really move. Partnership is important to you, and you can clarify your partnership goals this month. Finances are an issue and should work out well. However, a friend may disappoint you. In September you moved into an unusual situation which is healing for you. Yes, go with it. Saturn may give you a jolt when it turns retrograde on Oct. 11.

AQUARIUS. You know exactly what to do for yourself this month, and the gods are with you. Friends and partners will be a huge help. Your career and work situation both require special attention. You’ll begin revising both. You’re very busy out in the world—traveling, promoting, teaching and learning, perhaps with a partner. There will be special energy with a child, or with a creative project. You may find your days more restrictive than you’d like, but there are rewards.

Indeed you focus on partnership this month, especially on Virgo energy. You’re assessing values, but although you know some of the gifts of partnership, others remain hidden. You make a big push to increase your income, and it is successful, although you may have to give up some freedom of choice in the process. Your special planet, Neptune, turns direct on Oct. 20, and the pace of life picks up and smoothes out for you. Your work situation flows very well.