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G E N E R A L   A S T R O L O G I C A L   I N F L U E N C E S

October General Astrological Influences

by Maya del Mar

October is a complicated, many-faceted month.

It is as though the planets are doing a complex, twisting dance in which they take many turns connecting and interconnecting with each other. In addition we have five bodies making stations as they change direction. These act like changes of signals in our lives.

Life this month may be likened to a labyrinth. To thread our way through the kaleidoscope of October’s energies, we need to pay attention, and to be clear about our aims. It would also help to develop the arts of shapeshifting and tightrope-walking.

This is a Libra month, and general aims are fairness, balance, equality, and justice. This is the month we work to right wrongs, and to redress injustice. Most things are out of balance, and so this is a very busy and challenging month. Libra seeks harmony, but first disharmony must be addressed.

During October we continue with our air and fire emphasis. This means talk and action dominate. Literal wind and fire danger is also high. During the entire month we live with two grand trines in air signs—Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra; and one in fire—Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries.

All six of these signs are well supported throughout October. Together they create a hexagon which lasts all month, and is a wonderfully integrative configuration. Magic can happen. Either negative or positive goals can use this energy; it’s up to each of us to stay on a high wavelength.

In all signs, the degrees around 10 degrees, and between 24-30 degrees are particularly activated. Check your charts to see what bodies you have in those degree zones. They will show what type of activity is especially stimulated for you.

October is a month of change, rather than of endings and beginnings. Many cycles are now at turning points. Some of them will end in December, and others will be completed next May or early June.

Juno, the partner, stars during October.

Juno is one body which does begin new cycles now. Juno was the wife of Jupiter, and she indicates committed relationships. She strives for equal partnerships, but often finds herself left powerless, or betrayed. Then comes anger and revenge. In mundane charts Juno indicates victimhood, and I am finding Juno definitive in terrorism acts.

Juno’s behavior certainly describes the growing state of U.S. partnerships since WWII.

Juno was overhead as the planes soared into the towers on 9-ll. Juno conjoins the Sun of Ariel Sharon, and the Moon of Yasir Arafat. Juno also exactly conjoins the Moon of George Bush. If Juno shows where our fears, perhaps terror, of others lies, George’s terror was of his mother. (I, too, have Juno conjoined my Moon.)

GW’s Juno conjoins the U.S. Juno in Libra, which enables the nation to hook into George’s personal subconscious fears of terrorism. Moon represents the people, and so terrorism (or, at a higher level, egalitarian and harmonious relationships) is how he best communicates with the public.

Juno has an approximately four-year cycle. During this month she returns to her home place in both GW’s and the U.S. Sibly chart. This means that we will be deluged with talk of terrorism now and for the next four years.

Juno also has her annual meeting with the Sun during the first week of October. Sun gives directions for the year. At this time Ceres in Aries opposes Juno, and in warrior-sign Aries Ceres will support Juno for the next year in her fight against terrorism.

Juno was once the great goddess, and among her teachers were the Seasons. Juno is also thus associated with weather, and particularly with catastrophic environmental problems, and accidents. I’ve noticed in mundane charts that weather upsets seem to be one of her ways of revenge, of fighting back against lack of respect and equality in relationships.

Juno’s disposition alone this month fulfills the promise of conflict in the Equinox chart.

We also have Black Holes active for the entire month.

Apsu and Tiamat, Lord of the Abyss and Goddess of Chaos, native to the Baghdad area, are activated from the time Saturn goes retrograde on October 11, through to the end of the month. Black Holes are areas of intense energy transformation, and tend to be draining. This same first decanate of Virgo is also the area of much energy for GW. Both his natal Mars, and his progressed Sun sit there.

The Libra New Moon is conjunct Black Hole Nemesis, who extracts payment from those who are not grateful enough for their good fortune to use it well. Nemesis was rising at the time of the first crash into the World Trade Tower on 9-11.

For the entire month a trio of Black holes is active—Quetzalcoatl, who brought the conqueror Cortez to Mexico; Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fiery volcanic transformation; and Hecate, who relates to prophetic knowledge, virtual reality, and the use of reason.

When Mercury turns direct on October 6, she is communicating directly with these three Black Hole archetypes.

And then there is Chiron, the Joker in the deck. Chiron bobs along close to 5 Capricorn, where Black Hole Durga hangs out—AND the degree of GW’s Pallas Athena. Durga has her protective side, and is one of the most popular goddesses in India. Her role is the removal of negative energy and toxins from the physical body.

Chiron now traveling in Capricorn connects with healing the establishment. GW now has the potential to aid in this process, as well as the potential to clear his own body.

A few other October highlights include:

  1. A fixed T-cross, with Jupiter in Leo, Neptune and Pallas in Aquarius, and Venus in Scorpio which leads to inflated and determined expectations.

  2. The Moon’s North Node now conjoining the U.S. Uranus, which is where the nation moves out gung ho for what it wants. This is a destiny point, and there is no holding the U.S. back. This aspect lasts into January 2003. An eclipse at this point on May 31, 2003, shows great change to come in the U.S. willfulness.

  3. Neptune conjoining GW’s descendant, his Ceres, and the U.S. south node. The nation remains in a dream world, with a focus on oil. This lasts all the way through 2003.

  4. Mars conjoining the U.S. Neptune, supporting the above aspect. Mars is traveling across the top of the U.S. chart during October, stimulating aggressive relations with the rest of the world.

  5. A very effective fire trine flowing between Jupiter and Pluto. This is a strong magician aspect, and lasts through December. It indicates growth and success in the world.

  6. There are many quincunx aspects. These call for constant inner adjustments, and then suddenly bring on a major shift in circumstances.

  7. A prominent Vesta, which shows that money and security are issues. Venus stationary in Scorpio relates to desire, money and ruthlessness, and supports Vesta’s drive to protect her assets.

  8. A host of planets transiting GW’s many Libra planets. This will be a super-active month for him, and his balancing challenge is huge.

October can be a month of great accomplishment under changing conditions. Stay on your toes!