Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Dearest Maya,

You are as great as ever!

...I wanted you to know that I am a long-time follower, since 1994, of yours when you were writing the monthly forecast for the Celestine Journal. I even called you after moving to Las Vegas and asked you where I could find your column. At that time, you were still with Mountain Astrologer Magazine, and I have subscribed to them ever since you were with them. Anyway, just wanted to let you know, Maya, that I am so very glad that you are still exploring the stars as meaningfully as ever. Your columns (and I dearly love the Daykeeper Journal on the Web) have made all the difference in my family's life, and I look forward to more...more...MORE!

One of your biggest fans,

Liz McKennitt

Thank you, Liz!

Our Third Year!
by Maya del Mar

Daykeeper is going into its third year online! September was our two-year anniversary, and I want to thank all of the staff and the contributors who have made Daykeeper possible—particularly our superb Editor and Webmaster, Susan Pomeroy, without whose skill and dedication Daykeeper would not be possible.

Special thanks to our regular contributor, Crystal Pomeroy, who provides such effective spiritual guidance. Her meditations and exercises give us much-needed practical tools for working constructively with the moon cycles, and light our way to connecting with our higher selves.

And thanks to Joseph Odom for his excellent health tips, to Sissy Blue for her funny but true stories about astrological characters, and to Yvonne Taylor for her sparkling anecdotes from Cape Town, South Africa. Also thanks to all those people who have enriched Daykeeper by their contributions of articles and poetry at various times.

Things change. Sissy Blue now has a very demanding job, and doesn’t have time to write. We miss you, Sissy. But we have discovered my old Black Hole acquaintance (from the days of the wonderful Planet Earth magazine), and he is now writing scintillating, relevant articles for us. Thank you, Alex Miller-Mignone!

Daykeeper Online is fairly new, but I’ve been writing for this publication under its various incarnations since 1994, then with Ann Buzenberg as editor, and James Redfield as publisher.

I began this work by writing a monthly forecast for friends in the fall of 1989. Thanks to their support, I developed subscribers for the "Maya Report." And thanks to Editor Tem Tarriktar, a wide audience developed during my seven years with The Mountain Astrologer.

I am most grateful to that audience, and to all my readers and fans, who make this whole endeavor worthwhile.

I especially thank my supportive group of sisters, the Pleiades. Kathleen, Nina, Sue, Donna, Billie, and Martha gave me the inspiration and encouragement to continue my work, and they are always there for me.

This is my 13-year anniversary of writing daily forecasts, without missing a day! I’m surprised myself! Although I haven’t thought about it, I began this writing with the Saturn-Neptune conjunction of November 1989 on my Venus in Capricorn.

Venus rules my Taurus midheaven, the career sector of the chart. Capricorn is a steady, enduring sign, and it’s in my fifth house of creativity and of children.

Saturn with Neptune can make dreams come true. Saturn brings the Neptunian celestial blueprint to earth and to manifestation. Neptune is the dream, but as you’ve heard me say many times in various ways, Neptune needs a reality check to be effective on this plane and in this time. Saturn is total reality check. It’s also the builder of usable structures, such as calendars. In fact, Saturn does govern time.

With Saturn’s and Neptune’s help, and the support of all of you, I look forward to continuing this magical journey together, and exploring the coming times!