Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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S E P T E M B E R    2 0 0 2   S U N   S I G N S

September Sun SIgns

ARIES. Your work environment undergoes drastic revision this month. The shift may be away from freedom and towards authority—yours or another’s. Money is very much a part of this change. You’ve been learning to be careful with your funds, and now it’s especially important to keep good track of your finances. Relationships are very much in the picture, especially romantic relationships. You come to a new understanding of the meaning of equality in relationships, partly through people from the past who come again into your life.

TAURUS. You are developing a brand new home base for yourself, and now you’re ready to proudly display it to the world. Is creating a work space in your home part of your plans? Big money is an issue this month. Do you have a big windfall coming in? Or are you creating a big debt? The focus now is on your excellent ability for creative problem-solving. It is connected with both money and with relationships. This is a prime month to work at solving any outstanding relationship problems.

Your role as a communicator moves along very nicely this month. However, at midmonth you run into problems, perhaps with a child or a creative endeavor, and rethink your message delivery. If you are a writer, this is an excellent month to revise manuscripts, as well as to prepare to send things out. Be ready to hit the airwaves after Mercury turns direct on Oct. 6. Your foundations get a new start, and it’s connected with deep relationship change.

You are a very busy person this month. You are undergoing a deep realignment of your mental attitudes towards life, and now there is a turning point, perhaps induced by a health or work matter. For the next two months, your mind is on your family, or people with whom you share your home. Establishing egalitarian relationships is the primary focus. After New Moon your confidence in asserting yourself increases. Your finances improve, perhaps through a surprising turn.

LEO. Partnerships continue to hold surprises for you. Now you get excellent strategic advice from others on how to invest in yourself. Also, a long-standing problem situation may now be solved. You increase your resources and self-value through deep and sustained creative effort. Don’t expect solitude now; there will be many many people in your life. They could include a romantic interest. Are you contemplating adding a new member to your household?

You’ve gone through a lot of turmoil these last few years. And it continues. You start your new solar year with deep change in your family, a death and rebirth of sorts. This can be a great healing year. Partnership becomes a renewed issue for you. Who is important to you now, and how do they contribute to your self-esteem? Remember that others are mirrors, and caring for yourself is vital. At Full Moon you are re-energized, and at the same time ready to release something.

You begin the month with a sense of the value of your own love nature. As the month progresses, you become increasingly aware of not allowing your lovingness to be used or abused. Your deep healing this month comes from looking profoundly into yourself, and letting go of blocks to your self-esteem. This process fuels your creativity, which blossoms, and is well-received. Money—or expectations of it—may come and go in large quantities. Promotional work thrusts itself at you.

A long-awaited dream may come to pass this month. And on the other hand, an old friendship may end. Changes in your financial situation fuel new aspirations. Dreams now can give you very important information. It would be worth your while to work with dream analysis for the next two months. The balance between home and work undergoes vast revision. You feel you deserve what you want, and are ready to speak up for it. You heal in self-value.

SAGITTARIUS. A big identity change goes with a big job change, perhaps a promotion. Your work goes exceedingly well, and people come into your life to help you with promotion. By Full Moon you reach a crisis in partnership. For you this involves a need to really look at your life purpose, and to take on your share of responsibility for your approach to partnership. Friends are especially important now, and old friends can emerge from the past. Pay attention to your spiritual values.

Your long-term healing process takes a new turn this month. It’s connected to the goals of you and your spouse, about which you’re doing a good deal of re-evaluating. Your focus is on enlarging your perspective through such activities as travel, promotion, or education. Something grows deeply within you which enhances your compassion and your understanding of life. Investing has been a merry-go-round for you these past few years, but now it starts to pay off for you.

Independence is essential for you, Aquarius. Part of you is quite sure of that. Another part of you is, this month, ready to be seduced by the promises of others. This month can be unstable—especially for you. Stick to your own truth and integrity, and, as they say, question authority. Cleaning house, catharsis, transformation, are all important now. And they can be difficult. A key is to take responsibility for both your creativity and your values.

PISCES. Your life revolves around others this month, Pisces. As your inner need for solitude grows, the multitude tugs at you. Partnership itself undergoes a revolution, as well as your job status and purpose. Before the month is over, you take a new responsibility for taking care of yourself. A major concern this month is how others value you. How do they show that you are important to them—in terms of both emotional and financial support? Your work environment improves to bring you more benefits.