Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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A U G U S T   2 0 0 2   S U N   S I G N S

April Sun SIgns
ARIES. What’s your biggest challenge this month, Aries? You can collect all your fighting energy now to deal with it. In fact, now is your chance to make history. By mid-month, you’re in top form. And yet, something changes then within you. Have you gone too far? Perhaps you’ve become aware of the unleashing of big power which occurs after Full Moon. Or perhaps you’ve got enough help that you can relax a bit. This is a risk-taking, yet well-directed, month for you.

The pressure is on for you, Taurus. You intend to be in charge of your life, and now you realize, as you never have before, that your true security is centered on your ideals. This is the month to pursue those ideals, and thereby to create a new foundation for your life. This means change, not the easiest thing for you. Mid-month will bring in both people and ideas to help you, and you’ll know you’re headed in the right direction.

GEMINI. Part of your current phase of seriousness and commitment is changing your attitudes and beliefs concerning both relationships and communication. Your old casual approach is being replaced by a sense of your own needs as a mature adult. The Full Moon will test your new commitments. As you speak up for yourself, you may be surprised at the responses. You enlarge your understanding and perspective now, and travel would be a great way to do it.

You invest in yourself this month, Cancer, with full faith and confidence. This includes connecting with people who are unusual, progressive, and with a unique sense of strategy. You free up something in your work situation which makes you more successful with your goals. Loving partnership at home is a constructive part of this whole picture. Any relationship problems will show up at Full Moon—along with their solutions.

You’ve never had so much energy, Leo. New projects call you, and you’re willing to let go of the past and pursue the future. New relationships come to you, and you connect with progressive people who share your vision. Bountiful Jupiter enters your sign now, and you will grow in many ways during this next year. Pride and arrogance can be Leo pitfalls, and with so much going for you now, you may fall into that trap. Keep your sense of humility on tap. Listen to others.

VIRGO. Your analytical powers are at their peak this month. Partnership enters into the mental calculations, and by Full Moon you may be very critical or defensive. Let intuition slip past those rational barriers to get the full picture. Your work situation continues to be erratic, and by mid-month you make some moves to change it. Your money situation is good, and may be enhanced by a mid-month windfall.

With Venus in your sign, your usual charm is magnified. Your sense of justice is extra strong now, and you are willing to fight for fairness and for your ideals. Friends and affinity groups can be a big help. Good ideas keep popping up out of the blue this month. Keep notes on them, and by the end of the month you’ll have lots to work with. Business promotion moves ahead well, especially in regard to new age work.

You complete a big money issue which has been with you for a long time. It gives you a new lease on life, and bright horizons open up for you. Career is your big focus this month, and hard work pays off. You have a lot going on at home, perhaps dissolving old structures and creating new ones. You may run into a conflict with an important friend, perhaps over money. Healing may be emphasized this month.

The old identity slips away. Who would have guessed it would go so easily? The new identity is bringing your full creative fire into play. You can follow your new star as it leads you into the wild blue yonder…or maybe you will lead it. A steadiness in one-to-one relationships is part of the new order. You’re learning how to be steady and free at the same time. Just be yourself. Full Moon brings some partnership pressure.

Abundance is in sight, but adjustments must be made. Health is one of the issues with which you’re dealing now. However, your healing potential is excellent this month. Your work now is all about resource management and re-balancing. You make a new start in how you share resources, and it brings you joy. You may be thinking of far horizons, and travel, especially with a partner, could be satisfying.

After a long dry spell, fun, new relationships come into your life thick and fast. And some old ones may go. Work with others goes exceedingly well, particularly in regard to shared promotion. You’re developing a clear sense of a better world, and exactly what you can do to promote it. Full Moon sets you off on your exciting new journeys of reform, in which you dare to be yourself.

Others occupy your attention this month. In the first place, your working situation changes drastically, and opens up many new creative pathways for you. You can happily dedicate yourself to the changed situation. Partnerships are also an intense focus for the entire month. Intimate relationships come together beautifully around mid-month. Full Moon may show conflict between security and partnerships. For now, security has priority.