Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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J U L Y   2 0 0 2   S U N   S I G N S

April Sun SIgns
ARIES. You have Earth Mother Ceres in your sign this month, Aries, and furthermore, she’s the star of the month. I picture a mother in the ancient city-state of Sparta in Greece, who proudly raised her sons to be warriors. You are right in sync with the growing warrior state called the United States of America. One way or another, you fight for your home, your family, and your security. As the month wears on, fun and freedom increase for you.

TAURUS. A main focus is physical healing this month, Taurus. How do you manage to take time for self-care, in the midst of your super busy life? Family communication is another priority. And you have a lot going on in your home. Perhaps it comes to a kind of rebirth or reorganization of your life foundations. Renewal of your goals in the world is also happening. This is indeed an active month! And it gets more and more active as it moves on.

Heat’s off, Gemini. Only Saturn is left in your sign to keep you on the straight and narrow. Money is your big focus this month; you have much more interest in it than you usually do. Creating security for yourself is your big challenge. Before the month is over, you will find yourself revitalized, and moving into the world in a new way. At the same time, your home situation may be dismal. Friends can be helpful.

July is a super-expansive month for you, Cancer. For two years, it’s been mostly others, and circumstances, in control of your destiny. Now you get to call the shots. Remember what that feels like? You will be very active both in pursuing personal security and personal growth, and at the same time realigning your financial situation. You are also very aggressive in pursuing your career goals. Partnership undergoes healing changes during all of 2002.

It’s resurrection of your self-esteem, Leo! About time! It’s like the angels have come to save you. You feel newly good about yourself, and thus new things are possible, especially in the realm of relationships. Travel would be infinitely beneficial this month, and help you solidify your new perspectives. Money may be a challenge, but after Full Moon you’ll have the energy to work on that problem.

Partnerships are important all during this month—different kinds of partnerships and for different reasons. Others may encourage you to speak up for yourself, and you will find success in doing it. Both friends and family can offer you a wealth of opportunities now. You clarify your long-range dreams for your life, and really apply yourself to working towards them. You are making a big realignment of your life.

Boy, are you intent on making your mark in the world! And you can do it now! Vocational growth has been important for you this entire last year, and now you begin to think about the larger picture of where you’re going in life. There may be a nagging inner doubt, "Do I measure up?" This month you can do excellent work on transforming that doubt into self-appreciation. Use your spiritual help techniques, and ask for spiritual assistance.

This is the month for you to enormously broaden your horizons. You may do it through travel, study, an involvement with the law, changing your work, or any combination of ways. By the time the month is over, your viewpoint and attitudes towards life will be very different. Work does, in fact, consume your energy beginning with Full Moon. Renewal of purpose helps your focus. So does a positive change in your working situation.

You make a new start in transforming many facets of your life—e.g., intimacy, business, working with joint resources, and family relationships. Family may have a special need for you now. Some kind of inheritance or gift does come your way. It can be spiritual help as well as material benefits. By the end of the month, travel fills your busy agenda. A business relationship may become problematical before the month is over.

Your partner is the star of the show this month, and there is a lot of mutual nurturing occurring between you. In fact, your month is dominated by nurturing relationships. As you shift most of your focus to others, you undergo changes in your own identity. You become more vulnerable, more trusting, and more able to surrender control. This is an extremely transformational month in every area of your life.

Your strategizing is in top form this month, particularly in regard to relationships, and in creating them in the shape you’d like them to be and at the same time keeping everybody reasonably happy. Realignment of your role in the family is your big work now, and it is a challenge. Ask for help from spirit. Before the month is over, partnerships undergo a revitalization which will continue and grow for a whole year.

Children, or your creative project children, occupy center place this month. Have fun with family, and with those near and dear to you. By the end of the month, you’re preparing to make some changes in your working environment. Partnership is odd this month. On the one hand, it’s definitely featured, but on the other hand there may be some disgruntlement, as well as power struggles, between you and your mate.