Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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M A Y   2 0 0 2   S U N   S I G N S

April Sun SIgns

ARIES. You get your new financial trip together this month. Somehow it involves a great deal of communication and running back and forth. Good thing you like challenges, for this is a very challenging month. If you have health problems, now’s the time to work on healing. Energy medicine, such as acupuncture or healing touch, can be effective. You figure out some new things about friendship and loyalty this month.

This is your year’s new start with yourself, and wouldn’t you know it?—finances are your main field of action. Lots going on there—perhaps preparing for a different kind of future. With Mercury retrograde, you’re definitely doing some rethinking about where your money goes. Fair and equal relationships is another big subject for you now. You want your due, perhaps from family members.

Scintillating Gemini comes down to earth this month. Do you know what hit you? Retrograde Mercury in your sign beginning May 15 will give you three weeks to think about it. Your siblings are important to you, and there may be transformation of a sibling relationship this month, perhaps over the miles. You become very emotional about partnerships. Watch out for manipulation from a dominating partner. You’re fair game now.

Constructive channeling of your mental-emotional-psychic energies is your key to a successful month. Support comes from friends, groups, and digging deeply into your own psyche and pulling out long-forgotten material. One result can be improved health and functioning. Jupiter, Venus, Vesta, and Mars moving into your sign can give you a tremendous personal boost, as well as a big push in the career sector.

This is a turning point month for your ongoing deep rebirth process. You say this is the end of abuse, and you declare freedom in your relationships. A renewed sense of practicality in your life path is a catalyst. Friends are extremely helpful now, and support comes from hidden places. You rethink both your short-range goals, and your long-range aspirations. Communication with spirit is your greatest strength.

You are finding your inner power, your grounding, in the chaos of a changing world. This month you can hold fast to that grounding, though the world swirls around you. New information is rapidly coming in which will influence your life direction. You may decide to relocate to a distant place to make your dreams come true. It will indeed be good for you. Look for the need to nurture a close associate, perhaps an Aries.

All you have to do is sit there and be the recipient of a very dynamic grand air trine. That means lots of talking, communicating, and all kinds of mental activity—your forte. This is a mind-blowing month for you, and the major stimulus may come through relationships. You make a leap in increased perspective and understanding. Your career benefits, particularly in enhancing your security. This is a new start in joint resources, and it increases your freedom.

This is the beginning of a resurrection in partnership, intimacy, and all relationships. Many people move through your life now, and they expand your horizons enormously. Work and home are also being regenerated. And your personal power is being renewed. All in all, this is a powerful month for you. You will be emotional about money—both spending and getting—perhaps completing a major money cycle.

Wow! Can you ever bore in on the rest of the world this month! The only problem is that you have half a dozen moving targets instead of one steady one. Distractions pull you off course, and you have to work at focus. Security comes through deep relationships, where you are joining forces with another. You find this easier to do in business than in personal intimacy. Your Inventiveness is at a peak.

CAPRICORN. Are you being downsized, upsized, or what? Your work situation is changing faster than you can keep up with. Perhaps it’s part of your creative renaissance. Partnership is your lifeline now; it provides love, nurturing, security, and spiritual benefits. Finances continue their rollercoaster ride, although you have a better grip on them this month. It’s ironical that you, the most financially sophisticated sign, have especially experienced financial unpredictability these last few years. A lesson in humility?

You feel like you’re finally getting it together, Aquarius, just as the rest of the world is being thrown for a loop. Of course. Your new start this month is in laying your foundations. Again, that sounds like you—laying foundations when the rest of the world is going nuts. It can be a really pleasurable and fun month for you, again different from the rest of the world now. Just go your way and trust yourself. You’ll always be a maverick.

You clarify your work stance before the month is over, but goodness, home is a busy, chaotic place. You are a very creative person, Pisces, and this month your creativity blossoms into a lovely garden. Do take the time to nurture it, for therein lies your future security. Now you clear up an abusive work situation which has been lingering all too long. Your new start this month is in your everyday life and communication.