Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

M A Y   2 0 0 2   S I S S Y   B L U E

The Vertex is a point in the chart that should not be ignored. It’s the point where the ecliptic—the path of the sun and planets—intersects with the prime vertical, which is an imaginary line projected directly up from earth.

Indeed, transits to the Natal Vertex can produce some dramatic, sudden changes, as we see in the following story:

Jim shuffled the papers on his desk. The whispers of "downsizing" in his company had scared him. He tried to focus on the paper he held in his hand, but only saw disjointed letters that didn’t seem to compile real words, or make any sense.

Why can’t I concentrate? he questioned silently.

A chill shot up his back as he contemplated starting over at another company. The thought of tramping around the city putting in applications and facing artificial interviews with pompous people, terrified him.

Jim saw his boss, Sam, coming toward him. He made an effort to look busy, but his hands shook as he tried to separate two papers that defied his efforts.

"I need to see you in my office, Jim," Sam said.

Jim slowly rose from his chair and followed Sam into his office.

Unknown to Jim, Mercury (communication), was rushing toward his Natal Vertex (sudden changes) which was in his tenth House, the place of careers, life direction, and destiny.

This is it! Jim thought. The rumors are true! He’s going to fire me. Right here. Right now.

"Jim." Sam’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

Jim cleared his throat and uttered something weak and ineffectual. His mouth was moving, but no intelligible sounds were coming out, so he clinched his lips tight, to stop their needless motion.

"We’re opening up a new territory in the Caribbean," Sam said. "I think you’re the man I need to front the entire operation."

The words assembled just outside Jim’s ears, and bounced off, unable to penetrate his pre-set notion of what Sam was going to say. Jim blinked, and the tickle in his throat made him cough stiffly. His brain was jumping out of his head, and he felt the need to catch it, before it got away. Reluctantly, he touched the side of his head to be sure it was still intact.

What is he saying? Jim asked himself.

"Of course," Sam continued, "you’d have to move your family down there, but you’ll have a pleasant house on the beach. A company car will be furnished, and, of course, you’ll get a considerable raise."

"A—house—on the beach?" Jim asked.

Sam continued, "I know I’m asking a great deal of you. I truly hope you’ll see this as an opportunity to advance in our company. You will head the whole operation down there."

"Uh—well—uh," Jim stuttered. His mind was racing, turning somersaults. His nerves exploded. "Yes, of course. Of course, I—I—well—I will be glad to."

Sam reached out to shake his hand. "Wonderful! I knew I picked the right man!" He walked with Jim to the door. "You will need to assemble a team to work under you—"

The rest of Sam’s words were lost to Jim, as he stumbled out of the office and forward into his new life direction, unaware that Mercury had just passed over the Vertex in his natal tenth house. In this one moment of time, in a long line of moments in his life, this was the last thing on earth that he had expected to happen.

Not everyone will experience the same results with the same aspect, but never underestimate the unexpected, the unanticipated, or the unforeseen, lurking just around the corner, that may surprise, shock, or at least jolt you out of your daze—the Vertex!

Sissy Blue, a former Astrological Counselor, now lives and writes in Arizona. She can be reached at