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G E N E R A L   A S T R O L O G I C A L   I N F L U E N C E S

May General Astrological Influences

by Maya del Mar

We’ve been talking for months about the historic Saturn-Pluto opposition making its last pass in May. Indeed it does, on May 26. But it does not go gentle into that good night.

Strict Saturn in Gemini opposing transformative Pluto in Sagittarius has been in effect since the end of last July. This is an aspect of extreme structural realignment which occurs about every 35 years. The last time it occurred was in 1965-66, the time before that in 1931. Those were both times of extreme social change. And here we are again. (See May's lead article.)

Dealing with Saturn or Pluto separately involves work. Dealing with them together involves much work, extreme labor. We are under the gun, as we see and feel all over the world. We all have been facing major challenges these last nine months.

We can think of ourselves as gestating a baby. And now the baby is due to be born. It’s born with lots of bells and ribbons, in the form of abundant transits and conjunctions in Gemini, as well as with summer eclipses to complete the birth process.

May is a very busy, and a super-significant month.

Gemini is the featured player, onstage in her infinite variety. But Pluto in Sagittarius is the puppetmaster, pulling Gemini’s strings. We can, in fact, literally see the planets in Gemini, marching up the evening sky, and sinking, one by one, under the night horizon. Picture Pluto opposite them, hidden from view, sending its vibes to Mars, to Venus, and finally to Saturn, to finish this particular evolutionary process in grand style.

Mars and Venus, TOGETHER in Gemini, strike the special keynote for this grand Saturn-Pluto finale.

Mars and Venus together are the Lovers, the Passion Pair. Venus is attracted, and Mars does something about it. This is the combination that runs all creative endeavors. We choose what we love, Venus, and then we use our energy to manifest it, Mars.

This Mars-Venus creative cycle which begins now, on May 10, will last until the next Mars-Venus conjunction, which will occur in Scorpio in December 2004.

Gemini is an air sign. Air signs connect things and inter-relate them. Air signs love to think about things and discuss them. Ideas are their forte. Gemini’s particular job is to communicate, to spread the news. Information and communication will be special themes now, in May, as well as for the next few years.

Air itself and anything which travels through it—e.g., wind, air pollution, airborne organisms, chemicals, and air travel will also be featured. Coming eclipses from now through November 2003 will be catalysts for shifts in the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity.

Mars-Venus is passionate and exuberant about its desires. Gemini is light, airy, and versatile—the dancer. All in all, a fun combination. But not now. And not for the rest of this two-and-a-half-year cycle.

Saturn and Pluto are intimately entwined with this dancing pair for the entire month, and they will assure that the dance is serious, focused, and extremely intense. Gemini-Sagittarius is the mental polarity, and thus mental control is the key here—focused control with Saturn, hypnotic control and obsession with Pluto. Remote control of everything, including people, minds, and weapons, receives a huge boost now. Pluto adds secrecy to the process. Gemini’s perceptions of information will be distorted by the Saturn-Pluto combination.

Indeed, information is the key to effectiveness in our current world, and this is the month that there is a huge step-up in the hijacking of information by the plutocracy—Pluto—and government—Saturn.

One way this is happening now, in April, is through the Israelis’ systematic destruction of all governing institutions and records, and even many homes and their locations, in Palestine. This is an attempt to destroy Palestinian memory and identity. People are even prevented from claiming, identifying, and burying corpses of their dear ones, many of whom are irreparably covered with rubble.

Our first basic challenge in May is developing our own mental control, and finding ways to maintain it.

Suggestions begin with eliminating TV, newspapers, and popular periodicals. Take time to just contemplate and think about things.

Next, work with Crystal’s meditations, or your own spiritual practice.

Then, find alternative sources of information, and begin to evaluate all information. Your heart is your best guide. May is a fabulous month for research, and you can get a good start now. The Worldwide Web is a fine source.

Our second basic challenge in May is to make appropriate connections—connections which will be truly effective in helping us achieve our goals. We may need to be strong and persistent to reach those who can help us, as well as courageous in the face of intimidation.

Connections which are especially helpful and relevant now are those with our neighbors, and with community groups which are working towards ideals which we hold. The links established through these local groups can reach through all social levels and around the world.

Our job in May—and June as well—is beginning to establish clear mental channels, truly relevant sources for information, and connections which empower us. Mercury retrograde this month can help us to tune out the corporate propaganda, and tune into ourselves.

By 2004, the time of the next Mars-Venus conjunction and the next presidential election in the U.S., we can be clear about where earth’s and humanity’s best interests lie—or we can be totally in thrall to corporate propaganda.

This combination of planets—Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto—can also be employed in an impulsive lunge for power and control, regardless of the consequences. Gemini is an amoral sign; simply connecting is its job. This can be a harsh combination—expressed particularly through language, Gemini’s forte, and propaganda, Sagittarius’ forte.

There are, however, apt to be consequences. Sagittarius is a sign of law, and it is likely that the meaning and role of international law will receive a huge push through the backlash aroused by Bush and Sharon’s wanton disregard of it.

Gemini Henry Kissinger, part of Bush’s inner council, may be an early victim of that backlash..

The U.S. has Mars in Gemini. On May 15, Mars will return to its home place in the U.S. chart to begin a new two-year cycle in how the U.S. applies its energy and its aggression. The Pluto and Saturn influences will accompany this cycle, and we can know that U.S. energy output will be harsh. Venus accompanying it tells us that the U.S. will grab for what it wants—no holds barred.

We are now in the Taurus energy field, and Taurus is the Bull. Taurus protects its property at all costs. It does not give. Stubbornness adds to the month’s mix, and can result in arguments and verbal abuse, which often lead to physical conflict.

May is the garden month, and Taurus is the gardener. Taurus’ tools now are harsh and disciplinary. Taurus is also productive, and I picture the rigors and dangers of an assembly-line meat-packing plant as a metaphor for May.

Technology is featured in May, particularly originating in the U.S. Be alert for the introduction of technology, or laws, which inhibit the free flow of information.

Neptune is also strong this month—again and again! Neptune connects with oil, addiction, denial and delusion. But Neptune is also involved in our highest visions and greatest inspirations. It is the Cosmic Channel.

Through events this month, we have a special opportunity to tune into cosmic truth. Let us try to turn down the static, and open our receiving channels to truth and enlightenment.