Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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A P R I L   2 0 0 2   S U N   S I G N S

April Sun SIgns

ARIES. Money is a very big deal for you this month, Aries. You’ll count it coming and going, and by the end of the month you’ll have a new sense of how cooperation helps you enhance your resources. Ambition calls, and may have unintended consequences. Something strange may happen at work which will give you a new understanding of the importance of roots, your roots. You may assume a mantle of moral righteousness in regard to your beliefs. Remember that we all live in glass houses.

With Venus in your sign now, you’re feeling quite attractive. Before the month is over, you may change your image to something more dramatic. The arts are also big now. Hidden or long-lost things or people pop into your life this month. There is a big change in finances for you—one that enhances your security. It may be connected with property bought or sold. Something crystallizes in your mind now. Are you writing a book or creating a piece of entertainment?

GEMINI. Your self-authority is growing. You’re seeing that you can apply yourself, and achieve tangible results which count for something. At the same time partnerships are going through major transformation. You are less at the mercy of others, more able to set boundaries. You undergo a realignment of finances, perhaps due to a change of mind on someone’s part, or an inheritance. Friendships are renewed now, and friends can greatly influence you.

You and your partner work very hard towards your goals, and something new opens for you. You’re planting a lot of seeds now for greater security in the future, and others are helping you. Your working conditions and/or daily habits undergo drastic reformation this month. Keep tabs on your health now. Especially, don’t drive yourself to the point where stress levels rise. You don’t have to play the Great Mother all the time.

You’re shaking off some shackles this month, Leo. Go for it! A partner is helping you to see how you can move into the future in a practical way. It may not be as grandiose as you had fantasized, but it has the advantage of being real, and also freeing you to be more real. Take some time to travel this month. New ideas and perspectives can be especially helpful now. Also, let the public see your work. They’ll love it. Work on healing a chronic condition.

You continue transformation in home and work, foundations and goals. Your original roots may play a part in your life now. Vocational aims become much more clearcut, and you see where you want to go and how you can maintain the variety which you need in your work life. People are very nurturing towards you now, and you make a new start in intimate relationships. You may solve a long-standing health problem through the use of alternative healing modes.

LIBRA. The world is bursting free around you, Libra. What a brilliant sunrise! Your partner, especially, stands bathed in golden light now. Some partners may be working partners, for work with others goes very well now. New opportunities open for growth. Equalitarian relationshiips are vital now, and you may correct a lop-sided situation with an old friend. Publishing, teaching, studying, or traveling may engage you in a transformative way. Money comes through your creative efforts.

Oh what fun are relationships this month! You may, in fact, make a commitment to a relationship, perhaps a business arrangement. You make a brand new start in taking care of yourself, perhaps committing to a health regime which can regenerate your body. Have you noticed that your thinking is slowly changing? Especially in regard to what is practical, the old paradigms no longer satisfy you. It’s a great month for travel for you; it can help with those mental changes.

You’ve got somebody exactly where you want them. Now what? Is it a new love affair? Or a new creative project? OK, leave it to fate—who will step in faster than you think. You’ve got money coming in, perhaps through family affairs—but what weird things are you doing with it? Perhaps upgrading your electronic equipment. This is a great month to be doing technical work. Your creative juices are flowing, and as your sense of adventure overtakes you, you may be planning trips.

You start off the month all fired up—and then things don’t go as you expect. In fact, this may be a strange month for you, with events overtaking you seemingly out of the blue. Your health could be a problem, perhaps an old disharmony returning to plague you. You're a rather private person this month, busy creating new foundations for yourself. The last part of the month highlights the importance of friendship. Women are especially helpful now.

You’ve got the smarts this month, Aquarius. You know just what to do to move on into the future. Communication is your forte now. It feels difficult, though, to articulate your heavy message, and like you’re carrying a cumbersome weight. By the end of the month, the world hears you. In the meantime you’re becoming more you, more different from others, more your own person. You deal now with questions of relationship equality and relationship abuse.

Your nurturing qualities shine this month, Pisces. Decisions which you make now will have future repercussions. You lay a solid cornerstone for your life now, one which will serve as a fulcrum for future building. Part of it is connected to the slow renewal of your work power. You gain a clear focus on your values and priorities, and what you want to work towards. Perhaps your ambitions are changing, shifting more towards family values. Days will be busy, productive, and pleasant.