Daykeeper Journal Online: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
White Eagle
White Eagle

"A great opportunity is now being presented to you—and to all humanity. You are the builders of the new age. It is not good for you to sit down complacently. For as surely as humanity (or the western world) settles down in complacency, there will arise in another part of the world a powerful force which will again challenge that complacency, and make humanity rise to the occasion and give true service to the vast human family. The conditions of the world today are stimulating and drawing out this goodness, which lies within every living soul, and which quickens the consciousness of those who are now turning their faces upwards. You will see, in years to come, more of what you are already beginning to feel in yourselves: a transmutation, a quickening of the vibrations of life. First of all comes the transmutation of your own individual atoms, and the consequent lightening and refining of the body. What applies to the individual applies also to the world at large.’

"By holding this vision of the Star—of truth, love and respect for all peoples, we hold the door open for the power and blessing of the Light to influence the world situation. This service has to be given by those at the physical level. When we are in the consciousness of the Star, we are not concerned with the worldly outcome and we are not judging any worldly action (which is never wholly good or wholly ill). We again encourage all friends of White Eagle’s teaching to join inwardly his great company of servers in this heart’s work of radiating the strong yet gentle Light of the Star at the present time."

"We can all make a point of daily holding the President, Congress, and all world leaders in the ray of the Star and under the Angel of Peace.

"We are each responsible for our thoughts, and perhaps the greatest thing we can do is to close our ears to the beat of the war drums around us, and open to thoughts of peace. And we can let our hearts radiate love, instead of close them in fear."

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