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August Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

ARIES. Travel brings great benefits. Maybe you find a new home away from home. Partnership is on your mind, and you will make some decisions about how you handle it. Both intimacy and freedom must be included. You can go for your dreams now, even if they are strange. Your thinking and your perspective on the world are now undergoing major reorganization.

Partnership stirs your depths this month, and reaches new and deeper levels. At the same time your work presents you with fresh and exciting opportunities. In some fashion the two are connected. Your financial situation has been in a process of restructuring for some months. Now there is another big shift.

This month you invest in yourself. Perhaps you spend a good sum in upgrading your communications technology, perhaps you buy a new car. You’re ready to improve your professional status in relation to others. Money flows creatively, and talk even more so. You are sociable. Halloween may bring you a treat, perhaps a romance.

CANCER. Things are coming together for you now, Cancer. Somehow prior impossibilities seem possible. Problems are solved. Your creative efforts undergo a huge boost, likely in a partnership. You let go of something which has stood in your way, and your entire working environment undergoes renovation. Matching priorities and resources is important.

Partnership is stimulating, and possibly stressful. You may need to extricate yourself from an entanglement with a friend or sibling. You create new foundations for yourself, and the main criterion is that there is room for your abundant creativity. There are stresses, but in the end it all works out to your benefit.

Career and goals take center stage for you for the next year, Virgo. You’re considering big work and home changes. Now you make some new choices about money, how you get it and how you use it. You may find yourself alone at home, and working hard, although you do feel a yen for distant places. Friends can be very helpful now.

You have a new consciousness about yourself now, and you make some specific commitments about what roads you want to take this next year. Gathering of resources is central. Like Leo, you too need the freedom to express your creativity. Can you do it and maintain economic security at the same time? Yes. Now is the time for appropriate restructuring.

Surprising changes in your foundations or home base push you into a new identity. Communication and relationship are strengthened. Your money-making ability increases. Perhaps it’s a new teaching job, or a move to a distant place. Your growth this coming year is rapid and successful. You feel a new freedom.

You’re not usually an emotional type, but this month you are very emotional. Your feelings are super strong—although you may still choose to keep a lid on them. Great growth and transformation is possible through acknowledging your deep processes. Family and relationship changes are apt to be at the root.

New goals for you, Capricorn, and they involve money. A beneficial partner is also part of the scene. There may be a loss which frees you from old systems, e.g., retirement. Watch your health this month—especially your thoughts, which have everything to do with health. You can begin to establish better health patterns now.

You’ve been energized for months, Aquarius, but now you’re REALLY energized! You’ve got to have a say about what’s happening in the world, even if it brings you attack. Exposing secrets is one of your drives, and there are plenty of them popping out now. You determine to speak out, and you will find surprising support.

The pull between home and family, work and goals in the world, has been a focus for you this year. Now there is a turning point, preliminary to a resolution next summer. Something comes out of the blue to raise your consciousness. Travel, or foreign connections, has everything to do with it. Children are especially important.