Scorpio in a Woman's Body
by Sissy Blue

In this society, a Scorpio really has to be careful, especially a woman Scorpio. In any relationship, whether it is with a husband, a lover, a neighbor, or a father, a Scorpio woman faces certain automatic restrictions. Even relationships with other women, who are not Scorpio’s, that are born in a gentler sign, can be difficult.

All these little human creatures running around on this earth see the grass and the trees and the cars going by on the street. They understand the wind, only because they can see the effects of its force.

"Ah!" the Scorpio in a woman’s body says, "but there is so much more. There is so much just beyond hearing, just beyond vision. Can’t you feel it?"

"You’re strange!" the normal person answers.

A smart lady Scorpio must clinch the lips tight at this point, because you have already gone too far. You must realize that the normal person is not going to "get it," even if you try to explain it. He will forever treat you as if you just landed on this planet, and he is not quite sure what you might do next.

Personally, I am overly familiar with this scene, because I was raised around people who had predetermined ideas of reality and everyone’s place within that reality. Predetermined by society and the way things have always been.

Does anyone even remember who drew these imaginary lines of reality and sanctioned them "tradition"? Tradition becomes a "box," with rigid boundaries to keep us in line.

"Ah!" the Scorpio in a woman’s body says, "but this box is so restricted, I can’t breathe in here."

The normal person stares at the Scorpio in wonderment. "The box is all there is. I don’t understand your problem."

Of course you can’t understand, the lady Scorpio thinks. You’re numb and you’re shallow and all you see is the concrete box.

The Scorpio in a woman’s body tries to stay in the box. Oh, she tries. Sometimes for years on end. Day after endless day, she pretends to be normal, and makes all the moves dictated by the rules of the box. But sooner or later, someone will insist on stomping around within the Scorpio’s aura, and then the full force of the Scorpio intensity is unleashed in a whirlwind that disintegrates all the notions of normalcy she has worked so hard to imply.

"Ah!" the Scorpio in a woman’s body says, standing over the man on the ground. "You thought you would take advantage of me."

The man scrambles to his feet, surprised at the force of the impact. "I don’t understand. You’re just a woman."

He sees me as just a woman, she thinks to herself. He does not understand my fierceness or my instinct for survival.

He staggers off, thinking bad thoughts about women in general. But this was not just a woman. He confronted a Scorpio in a woman’s body, and that was his mistake.

The lady Scorpio will sometimes turn her thoughts to the past, when she was a child. She remembers being a bright-eyed youth, with all the world before her. There were so many possibilities, so many things to discover, and so many things to get into! It seemed there was a decision to make, at a very early age. Even then, the little Scorpio in a child’s body sensed it. The decision would affect the rest of her life. Am I going to take the high road, or the low road?

All Scorpio’s are capable of either. Determination is easy. A Scorpio can be just as determined to be a bank robber, as to own a bank. Think you have a chance to out-manipulate a Scorpio? Think again, because she is a master of the game, if she decides to play. And that is a choice the lady Scorpio must make—whether to play in the mud with the rest of the world.

In every situation, a Scorpio in a woman’s body, must hold her own course. A Scorpio must reach deep within herself, tapping into that strength that lurks just underneath the skin. There must come a time when it is not important to "get even" anymore. There must be a space where it is not necessary to wallow in the constant manipulation to accomplish a useless goal. There must be a day, when we refuse to cooperate with the game, and do not pick up the ball and throw it back. There must be a time when we learn to control that rising power in our chest that threatens to eat us alive. And most of the time, we must pretend to stay within the boundaries of our predetermined box.

"Ah!" the Scorpio in a woman’s body says, "I am more than a woman. I am a spirit that rides the night wind into the heavens. I am a soul bound within flesh, but my hidden power rises within my chest until I feel it will explode and destroy everything around me, including myself."

It is overwhelming, she thinks. It is more than I can control. At any moment, it will escape my grasp and take off into eternity.

"There you go talking that nonsense again," the normal person states. "Just get back in your ‘box’ and stay there like a good little girl."

The Scorpio winks at him, and a slow smile crosses her face, as she withdraws once again into the restricted space of the human body. "All right," she agrees.

But when the darkness comes, and everyone is looking the other way--

Sissy Blue, a former Astrological Counselor, now lives and writes in Arizona. She can be reached at