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General Astrological Influences, October 2001
by Maya del Mar

November is a difficult month. That’s not uncommon, for Scorpio, its major sign, is all about deep evolution. And change is difficult for most of us—and even more difficult for the social systems which we create.

We may feel like we’re in a pressure cooker, for the stress of a fixed T-cross prevails throughout the month. As planets move through the fixed signs of Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo during November, they will make frequent contact to the sensitive points from the great August 11, 1999 eclipse. Each one of those contacts ticks off a big push to the evolutionary process, and the cumulative effect will be grand.

The fast-moving planets, Sun, Venus and Mercury move through catalytic Scorpio, keeping the witch’s brew stirred, and the evolutionary process on the front burner in our personal lives. Power over is Scorpio’s domain, and power struggles arise during Scorpio time.

Revolutionary Aquarius has been graced with idealistic Neptune and Uranus travelling through it for the last few years, and now Mars moving through Aquarius pushes their idealism into action. Revolution and reform are Aquarius’ domain, and urges to overturn the status quo are now stimulated by Mars.

Transpluto brings slow and deep resurrection in its wake. It has been in Leo since the beginning of WW II. Leo is the sign of rulership, and it is also the sign of the U.S. North Node of the Moon, which shows direction, or soul’s purpose. Through that war the U.S. came into its destined world rulership.

Transpluto will be in Leo until the years 2011-2014, when it makes its entrance into Virgo. This month it’s a standout at 27 Leo. For one thing, Transpluto is slow and powerful this month because it is making its retrograde station, exact on November 24. For another thing, Transpluto now conjoins the fixed star Alphard, which means "the one who stands alone." Ebertin says that "matters connected with poison are accentuated badly," and that this can include all kinds of physical poisons as well as emotional poisoning in relationships.

Juno moves through Leo all during November, and is stimulated by both Scorpio and Aquarius planets. Juno is the ancient great goddess, with powers over the earth and skies, as well as over the earth’s fertility. Now she embodies the archetype of "the wife," Jupiter’s spouse, whom he did not treat well. In a chart she shows our desire for intimacy, and also where we can allow ourselves to be co-opted by another, and ultimately, disenfranchised. In a mundane chart she invariably indicates situations where numbers of people are victims.

In Leo Juno wants her queenship, and during November she will struggle for it. During the month Juno is heading for powerful Transpluto, and just as Transpluto is turning retrograde, she conjoins him.

The last week in November, then, is a time when very deep forces are stirred, and people will suffer in struggles for domination. During that time, Sun crosses over three black holes—Osiris, Isis, and Horus—another indication of a deep breaking-down process which leads to resurrection.

Two aspects in the sky continue for the entire month. Saturn in Gemini conjoins the North Node of Uranus to give a willfulness to all government and establishment endeavors. Independence is featured this month.

Pluto in adventurous Sagittarius and Jupiter in protective Cancer form a quincunx during all of November. This is exact from November 26-28. Quincunxes put together two principles which have little in common, and adjustments must be made. In general, the best way to work with a quincunx is to sacrifice an inner urge for the sake of larger service. Both Pluto and Jupiter refer to collective action. Pluto is power and Jupiter is expansion.

In Planets in Aspect, Robert Pelletier says,

"With the quincunx from Pluto to Jupiter, you will have to make significant adjustments in your life to justify the knowledge that you have. The line of least resistance is to complain about your fate and challenge the need to submit to it. This may lead you to become an opportunist, taking from others what you consider rightfully yours. You are missing the message completely if you don’t yield to your real task, which is to become fully acquainted with changing social conditions and use your talent to do something constructive about them…’

"You need to become fully informed about your surroundings to protect yourself from intimidation. Education will give you skills which you need…When you accept an opportunity it is your responsibility to distinguish right from wrong. "What’s in it for me?" isn’t sufficient justification."

Mr. Pelletier goes on to say that in seeking your goals, you will tend either to assert your desires on others and thereby derive an exaggerated self-importance, or you will bitterly submit and resent others using you. Both approaches need adjustment. "If you follow a middle course, you may safely express your potentials in moderation and derive satisfaction by contributing substantially to individual and public causes."

Well said. This is the challenge of the month. Finding that place of moderation will not be easy. This is a month of hard work to find—and accept—that middle ground of compromise which makes living together possible.

The Pluto-Saturn opposition, also featured this month, can help us see and understand the forces at work. If we can break through our own denial and recognize that what is "out there" is within us, we can begin to engage in effective change—rather than repeating old patterns which do not work to anyone’s benefit.

Indeed, this will require much evolution! Thank you, Scorpio.

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