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Iceland Prayer
by Gudrun G. Bergmann

Dear Friends and Peaceworkers,

The Bishop of Iceland asked people to gather in churches all over Iceland last night (01-09-11) at 9 p.m. and pray for peace and many people responded to that call. We here in the small community where I live got together in one of the homes here and prayed as well. During today I prayed several times our simple prayer: MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH.

Tonight at 10 p.m. I led a ceremony on the grounds of the Snaefellsas Community where I live (at Hellnar by Snaefellsjokull glacier on the west coast of Iceland) in the Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel.

On the 4th of August a group of about 130 people under the leadership and supervision of Roy Littlesun built a Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel, filling it with prayers for peace. It was a consensus of the group, that we would burn a crystal that had been designed for a Russian missile head in the fire, and thereby destroy the worldwide intent of war. The medicine wheel was also meant to join, at a very important location in the world, the ancient wisdom of the east with the "new" wisdom of the west. As Iceland is on two tectonic plates, the Eurasian one and the American one, and the
rift valley connecting them is visible in particular at the old seat of the parliament of the country, it symbolizes the connection of these parts of the worlds.

On the altar I put a piece of the medicine Roy Littlesun had on the altar of the original ceremony, three feathers tied together, one symbolizing the east, another the west, and an Icelandic eagle feather symbolizing the connection between the two parts of the world.

Tonight, when I lit the fire in the pit of the medicine wheel, I prayed that all the prayers that were put into the fire on the 4th of August would be rekindled and sent out to the world and that the intent of ending all wars would be reinforced. To support that prayer I put some ashes from the original fire into this one. I also prayed that the fire would symbolize the connection of the east and the west.

As I filled the peace pipe, left in my care by Roy Littlesun, my prayer for the east was that the fear and terror that had spread over that part of the world would be calmed down.

My prayer for the south was the same.

My prayers for the west went out to the souls of the victims of the terrorist attack yesterday and to all their relatives. For the survivors that may still be under the buildings that tumbled down, and that their light might hold out till they were saved. For the souls of the perpetrators so that they would become part of the light. For the government officials ruling that country, that now face difficult decisions and that they would be Divinely guided to make choices that would be of the most grace for all of us. And I also prayed that the fear and the terror of people in that part of the world would be calmed down.

My prayer for the north was the same as for the east and south.

My prayer to Great Spirit was that this fire would be blessed and that we would be helped to understand that although yesterday was filled with terror, it was still part of the Great Plan.

My prayer to Mother Earth was that she would support us through our trials on her skin.

We were three of us at this ceremony and the other two totally supported my prayers and added their own as well. After the prayers had been said we lit the pipe to smoke it. We had just started smoking it when the "signs" on the heavens appeared.

The night sky was perfectly clear, filled with stars and suddenly a thin band of northern lights appeared in the sky directly above us, running from far in the west to far in the east. It was unusually thin and narrow and straight, as northern lights have a tendency to "dance" over the sky. We spoke about this as a symbol connecting the east and the west and saw it as a "light in the sky". The lights then started spreading and fanning out, making a center right above our heads and long wings to the east and the west, with the tips of the wings pointing to the south. We saw a satellite speed through the night sky, right in the center above us. One of us saw two falling stars. The lights kept changing and then seemed to be the most dense and bright in the west where they coiled up, then spreading out to become brighter and brighter in the east and we were saying amongst ourselves whether this was not the light coming from the west traveling to the east because of all the prayers, as most of the requests had come from America--and then the lights changed again, now making new "angel wings" still with the center directly above our heads, wings spreading out to the east and the west, now with the tips pointing to the north.

The lights kept dancing for a long time and we just sat watching them. One said that if everything that happened in our lives had a spiritual meaning, then the terrorist attack yesterday was of spiritual origin and that hundreds of thousands, even millions of people all over the world had gotten together last night to pray, turning to God for help, opening up to their spiritual source.

Around 11 p.m. we returned to our homes and about 15 min later no northern lights were to be seen in the sky.

For us here this was a profound experience--and we want to share it with the rest of you. I think we are being Divinely Guided--and helped. The LIGHT was very BRIGHT tonight, spreading far and wide. Let's keep it that way.

MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH. Love and Light from Iceland. Others with me tonight were Gudlaugur Bergmann, my husband, and Sveina Eyvindsdottir, our neighbour. MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH.

Gudrun G. Bergmann

Ann Buzenberg, Maya and Gudrun in Iceland, 1999

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