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Astro*Carto*Graphy -- Mars Lines
by Maya del Mar

I was looking at GW’s Astro*Carto*Graphy map, which is a world map showing planetary power lines. I noticed that his Mars midheaven line goes right through Afghanistan.

Mars, of course, is the God of War.

I remember that many years ago Jim Lewis, the "inventor" of these maps, wrote an article detailing how Presidents’ Mars lines coincided with where they got into trouble through military adventures. So I looked at the maps which I have.

Bill Clinton’s Mars midheaven line goes through Ireland. He, of course, made peace there, not war. His temperament reminds me of that old bumper sticker which came out of the Vietnam War—"MAKE LOVE NOT WAR."

Daddy Bush has Mars lines all over the globe, covering every continent—aggressive fingers in lots of pies. Through Baghdad he has a Mars midheaven-Jupiter descendant line crossing, and through Panama, another country which he invaded, he shows a Mars discendant line.

Ronald Reagan has Mars midheaven through Washington DC, Cuba, Central America, and Colombia. He manufactured the Contra War against Nicaragua in Washington.

Jimmy Carter has his Mars Ascendant line through the Middle East, where he got in trouble. In Tehran, his real Waterloo, he has Mars ascendant crossing Jupiter midheaven.

Lyndon Johnson had Mars and Jupiter descendant lines through Vietnam, that morass of a war which lost him a second term as President.

Harry Truman had Mars IC line through Korea, an area which is still a problem for the U.S.

Dwight Eisenhower had a Mars-Uranus line crossing through Europe, and Franklin Roosevelt shows a Mars-Uranus line crossing through Pearl Harbor.

Other highlights are GW’s Pluto ascendant line through New York City. (Clue: ascendant means one’s personal expression. Pluto is the power of life and death springing from deep unseen sources.)

JFK had a Pluto midheaven line through Dallas, where he was killed. Richard Nixon had a Neptune midheaven line through Washington DC, where deception ruined him.

You can view GW’s Astro*Carto*Graphy map. AstroNumeric Service, who creates these maps, put his map on their latest flyer entitled "New Reports." You can call them at 1-800-627-7464 and ask for that flyer. (I do recommend the high quality of ANS work.)

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