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August Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

ARIES. Shifting priorities, changing alliances—your gyroscope is in a state of flux. Activities where you are spontaneous and which you enjoy are your best route for making inner changes to prepare you for the future. Children can be a special delight. At the same time, home and family have developed special meaning, and you’re moving out in the world to secure those foundations. You make a new start in daily routines, health routines, and work routines. Mars entering Capricorn on Sept. 8 will make life feel more serious. This is an active month.

TAURUS. One of your main concerns, money, is undergoing shifts now. What do you keep? What do you share with others? How do you generate income from your creativity? How does your work, and your role in the world, support your values? Does your handling of money reflect your true values? You appreciate yourself in a new way. Does your spending reflect your new sense of self-worth? In many ways your are creating a new you now, a you who is more independent and less tied to the old security apron strings.

GEMINI. Focus, focus, focus. Not the easiest thing in the world for you, but you have Saturn’s help now. Challenging new ideas may be a stimulus for refocusing your attention. Home base is where it’s at for you this month, Gemini. From there you find yourself involved in communication and sharing with others. Your artistry flowers. Romance and partnership are much on your mind. A relationship may break up or be reborn. Overindulgence could lead to health problems. Use that Saturn discipline to restrain yourself.

CANCER. Cancer, you feel very good about yourself this month—optimistic, motivated, attractive, and worthy. Communication is your forte. You make a new start in improving your daily life, and communicating your daily thoughts and ideas to others. Your base is home, and harmony there is a source of strength. This is a wonderful month for writing, even a quick journal if nothing else. Traveling, in mind or body, may be on your agenda. Your world widens, and your understanding increases. Business connections also pick up now.

LEO. Venus is in your sign, Leo, and you are charming and charmed. Others flock to your generous, sunny nature. Some of these flockers may be quite strange. Use discrimination about whom you let hang around. Your money situation changes now, perhaps connected to a relationship disruption. The change is probably for the better, because the angels are guiding you this year. Your creative efforts now go to self-improvement and establishing harmony with those around you, and/or with brothers and sisters.

VIRGO. This is your annual new start in self-creation, self-awareness, and self-expression, Virgo. Don’t be afraid to be self-centered. You deserve it once a year. The gods/goddesses are smiling on you now. Partnership figures strongly in your life, especially with a Piscean type—artists or spiritually-oriented people or person. Your dreams of family fulfillment are growing, but perhaps with some disruption of your security base. Even so, partnership goals are clear. And never fear. You are tuned into earth’s abundance for the next year.

LIBRA. Wells of psychic images are available to you this month. Paint, write, or simply notice your dreams or do a personal journal. Awareness is very keen, and you need to communicate it. It’s important to record your self-knowledge, for your perceptions now can later help your career goals. Friends can be wonderfully satisfying this month, and you can shine in groups. Your goals go through some shifts, perhaps due to disruptions in daily life. Physical health depends on mental health. That journal can be helpful.

SCORPIO. Your goals of service have a fresh start this month. Full Moon shows you how you can use your compassion to better help others. All four of your resource houses are highly activated, which means that this month is primarily about values, what you give, what you get, and how that ties in with your desires and ideals. Work with the public goes very well, and makes you more aware of your own value. Travel or study would be beneficial now. This is also a great month to begin writing for publication.

SAGITTARIUS. Partnership is your big arena for transformation this year. This month you take a good hard look at your goals. You may decide that commitment to work has greater priority than commitment to a partner. And you may also decide that you want a committed friendship rather than a committed partnership. This is a travel month for you, and you may find romance and/or partnership on your travels. Sag is always lucky, and now money comes in from unexpected sources.

CAPRICORN. Your big news is that Mars finally enters your sign on Sept. 8 to really get you going. Warning: don’t attack yourself. Travel, promotion, education, or publishing may be one of your outlets. You are releasing some of your personal boundaries and inhibitions, perhaps due to the beneficent influence of a partner. Partnership may, in fact, be very high on your agenda this month. Some plutonic transformation is occurring in the arena of relationships, desire, and sharing resources with others, which includes business.

AQUARIUS. This is a month for love, romance, sex, and deep sharing, Aquarius. This will be a special pleasure for you, because these are not the first things you seek out in life—but you need them as much as everyone else does. Thinking, talking, and communicating also highlight your month. You can ground some of your brilliant ideas now. Mars is moving into your twelfth house, which it does every two years, and it can stimulate some deep, unknown recesses within you. You can expose subconscious dynamics now, and transform them as you desire.

PISCES. Oh boy. It’s commitment time in the partnership arena. You like to keep those two fishes going, but the universe demands grounding. You could, you know, commit to both fishes. (Although they are swimming in opposite directions.) You, Pisces, are a master of magic. Deciding just what it is you want to juggle is up for you now. You may feel very emotional about it all, and cede control to the fates. You’re good at that, anyway. Regardless, you will feel basic conflicts about your life this month, and the universe wants answers. Whatever you choose or accept, it will work out just fine.