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August Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

Note: On August 5 all of us will become enclosed in the Saturn-Pluto pincers for the next nine months. This process is a great evolutionary push for big structural change in some area of our lives. It is the midpoint of a cycle which began in November 1982 in Libra. Its basic need is a shift in partnerships, alliances, and balance in our lives. This Pluto-Saturn opposition occurs now in Sagittarius and Gemini, signs of mental activity and growth in understanding, as well as physical movement and travel. — Maya

Your planet, Mars, has finally turned direct, and you’re on your way again. This is a high growth month for you, Aries, with much adventure and risk-raking. And yet your main arena is home, family, and foundations. You may be torn between tending to home and hearth, and taking off for the wild blue yonder. Perhaps home can be your travel base, or travel can be for family purposes. That would fit with your need for nurturing, also high this month. Have fun—self-expression is your modus operandi now.

Your financial picture is beginning major change. Are you selling or buying a home, or business? Or receiving an inheritance? Siblings are important this month, and they could help you, especially a sister. Your ideals grab you, and you may be feeling restless with your work, held down or imprisoned. Because of this, you may find a new role or new freedom in a work group. What are you willing to let go of this month, Taurus?

Yes indeed you have got to take charge of your life, Gemini, even if it means conflict with those close to you. Where is the carefree butterfly? You’re beginning an identity change, becoming more serious, focused, and responsible. You start a new chapter of money flow for the next year, and it’s very positive. You will be taken care of. Your big concern is with your own new stature. Communication is your forte, and the ideas flow now.

My, don’t you feel good about yourself! You’d love to take off and fly—but that presents some obstacles. This is your second chance this year to create a new you, and what you can best do is renew your health routines, and correct any lingering health or other problems. Your need to create is your greatest resource, and that gets a fresh impetus now. Mothering is on your radar screen right now, and you really want to get it right.

Life may not be easing up for you in fact, but suddenly you feel much better about yourself and your possibilities. Lighten up and laugh. A bright new world is opening up. Part of it is discovering a whole new aspect of your enormous creativity. Figuring out how to ground it in the world is part of your challenge for the next few months. Partnership may be attractive, but it has its pitfalls now. Don’t take anything for granted.

A new job, a promotion, or a major move is in the cards for you. You’ve got new spark, and at the same a renewed authority to make what you want to of your life. Stand tall in the world. Friends, especially women friends, are very supportive. You might find or create a new kind of family group. All of your people connections are going through major realignment now. Try being less analytical, and let your feelings and your intuition guide you.

Write up a storm! Talk up a storm! Speak your piece, and project it out to the world. You’ll find good reception, support, and lots of help. You’re beginning a year of positive career growth. Your ideals are undergoing a process of refinement and change as you move more fully into your own creativity. What did you begin in 1982-83? It’s time to re-evaluate the underlying attitudes of that time, and make a mental shift. You might try recapitulating a history of the last 18-19 years to see just where you are, and how you want to change.

It’s full steam ahead for you, Scorpio. You have places to go and things to do, and the world calls you. Set new career goals now, and watch them fall into place over succeeding months. Travel, teaching, or publishing can be very growthful, especially if connected with work. Watch a tendency to spend excessively. Consulting a financial advisor could be very helpful now. You’re beginning a year of great new growth in all areas of your life, and money is part of the picture.

SAGITTARIUS. The Centaur continues to star in the year’s dramas, as he shoots his arrows into the distance. In fact, Pallas Athena enters your sign now to give you extra savvy. Pallas Athena in Sagittarius is ready to fight for and defend visions and ideologies. Watch out for righteousness as you crusade for your causes. You can make meaningful alliances now, and they will be productive for you. The temptation is to run over others from your place of power.

Partnership blooms anew for you, Capricorn. You may be pursuing a common vision or ideal with someone. Your partner could be a family member, or someone from the past. You’re coming to the end of one relationship cycle and beginning another one. Those intimate connections which you make now are very important to your future. You’re undergoing a deep inner realignment, which could show up in health problems. Pay attention to both your health routines, and your mental health.

AQUARIUS. Your major focus this month is on relationships, and you are apt to begin a new partnership, or perhaps free yourself of an old one. This is a wonderful time to attend to your health, and everything connected with your daily life. You are creative in many ways, and now the focus of that creativity changes. Perhaps you commit yourself to one specific field of interest now, one which supports your highest ideals. New vistas open in your role with groups, and with friends.

You make positive shifts in work and your work goals. At the same time home and home base become more important. This is the perfect time to develop new health routines which will bring you lasting benefits. And still, children, creative self-expression, romance, all those things which give you pleasure begin a new blossoming. This is an active and enjoyable month, with many loving interchanges